Nearly fell off the wagon (147.6)

Today I have been very grumpy. I think I have been winding myself up on purpose, so I can justify “I’ve had an absolute c**t of a day – I deserve a drink. Poor me, poor me, pour me a drink.”  I’m back on the booze tomorrow though. Will appreciate it more if I wait.

Breakfast: 1oz porridge + 4 oz milk + water + salt.

Lunch: Homemade BLT.

Supper: Homemade curry..

Snack: Black currant juice. Small latte (asked for skinny but don’t think I got one as it was well heavy).

Analysis: my decision process has broken down. Got too many, so got overwhelmed. Decided that I’m only allowed 5 + 1 unwritten one. If I want a new one, one has to go. (Yes, this sounds mental, but if it gets me thin I don’t care.)

Here are the current 5 decisions. They haven’t got anything to do with getting thin – they’re more about getting a bit of self-discipline.

1. Study French, German and art for 5 minutes per day or put 50p in the fine box. (This will make holidays more fun, though they seem very far off at the moment.)

2. Don’t exceed the speed limit. It takes longer to break than you think. For me, the thinking distance is probably about 2 seconds, so overall stopping distance at 70 mph could be 7 seconds.

3. Check facebook every other day.

4. Don’t drink on a school night except on very special occasions – e.g. birthdays.

5. No alcohol till at least tomorrow evening.

Analysis 2: Plan for dealing with the Jubilee holiday: go for bike rides, buy a 2 litre bottle of Evian and lots of cherry tomatoes.




Despite what the scales say … (148.25)

Breakfast: 1oz porridge + 4oz milk + water + salt. Very hungry at about 10:30am, so hopefully using up fat reserves.

Lunch: Homemade BLT.

Snacks: Olive oil to stop me feeling hungry when I got home. Black currant juice.

Dinner: Homemade curry with rice and 2 potatoes.

Analysis: Need to ask myself “Despite what the scales say, did I have a healthy day yesterday?”. I need to weigh daily otherwise I can go off track in a week and gain half a stone. I ate well yesterday (salad, fruit, water) and exercised, so I need to think ‘Ta Da – I’m doing well’.

Analysis 2: Do not feel like exercising tonight, but I’m off out for a walk now for a minimum of 15 minutes.

Ladies’ Walking Night (148)

Gained half a pound.

Breakfast: 1 oz porridge, approx 100g milk + water + salt. Was hungry earlier than usual, so hopefully less milk each day will help.

Lunch: BLT homemade sandwich.

Snacks: Pineapple. 4 or 5 strawberries.

Drinks: black coffee. Squash.

Dinner: salad with haloumi, proscuitto, chick peas and balsamic vinegar.

Exercise: Long walk. Need to get into the habit of doing this every 2 weeks.

Analysis: Have been reading other people’s weight loss blogs. Mainly say that sometimes you’ll fall off the dieting wagon, but not to give up. Need patience.

Analysis 2: Looking forward lots to the Jubilee weekend – mmmm 4 days off – but worried I’ll gain 5 lbs. Plan is to have only 2 meals a day and drink shed loads of herbal tea. (Note: I don’t record tea on my blob unless I put milk in it. Am into Earl Grey at the moment.)

More bike rides (147.5)

Drinks: 2 teas. Pink grapefruit juice.

Snacks: mini flapjack, mint imperal

Fruit: ~6 oz pineapple.

Breakfast: 30 g porridge + milk + honey.

Lunch: ~3 oz cheese with 6 oat biscuits.

Supper: Toad in the hole with onion gravy and peas.

Analysis: more bike rides! Went out just to lose weight, but enjoyed it lots. Was very sunny on the Common with wild horses and calves.

Analysis 2: I’m going to have 8 oz of veg for dinner on Wednesday. (This worked well when I lost a lot of weight about 10 years ago.)

Falling off the wagon

Drinks (non-alcoholic): milky coffee, chocomilk, Oasis, espresso.

Drinks (alcoholic): Large glass of white, double whisky, half a bottle of white.

Sunday roast.

Meal out at Studio Thai: crackers, dumplings, Yam Ped (roasted duck salad), Plakeew Wan (dry green curry in crispy fish mixed with vegetables and Thai herbs), Pad Pong Karri (sea food in egg sauce).

Analysis 1: not bothered about falling off the wagon. Was offered a meal out – was not going to say no. Am however firmly strapped into the wagon now till 1st June. Am going to get some Pouilly-Fumé from Laithwates for this fine occassion. A colleague told me that Sainsbury’s has reduced a champagne to £12 or so. Am hoping this is Etienne Dumont.

Analysis 2: I only asked Fitness Nerd for advice on what I’ve been doing on Friday, but have a reply already:

hey gail!

 thanks for the kind words about NF – best of luck to you on your weight loss blog – best advice. put your focus on cleaning up your diet.  that’s the key.  more veggies, less grains and carbs.  🙂




Drinks: homemade latte, bitter lemon. Tea. Macchiato. Lemon curd yoghurt.

Starter: goats cheese salad on toast.

Main: cod, salad, veg and mash with butter sauce. Sample of pork.

Evening: chicken pie, veg, salad, chutney, mayo.

Analysis: pause when eating.
Analysis 2: from 1st june onwards I’m going to have only 2 drinking nights per week except holidays and bank holidays. I’ve enjoyed this week of not drinking – was drinking more than was good for me. Will appreciate it more when I do drink.

Still 10 stone 7 1/2

Breakfast: porridge + milk + honey

Lunch: garlic sausage + 3 oat cakes.

Snacks: 8 oz pineapple + a white Americano. Tea. Lemon curd yoghurt.

Dinner: omelette & salad.

Analysis: need to start doing the Angry Birds workout.

Analysis 2: need to get rid of daft concept of fairness in weight loss. No strops when I gain weight or stay the same.