Friday – Magnum night (144.4 lbs)

Breakfast: 0.9 oz oats + 4 oz milk + water + honey.

Lunch: 8 mini spring rolls.

Drink: small skinny? latte.

Analysis 1: need new blog-writing motivation as drinking the magnum tonight! (This changed slightly as wasn’t going to get the magnum if J didn’t reach her goal.)

Analysis 2: need to drink a pint of water per hour. Will fetch it every hour. Failure to do this => £50 to fine box.


Thursday – Curry night (approx 143 1/4 lbs)

Grr – I’ve lost Wednesday’s post! Went to payasugym – great value for money and really enjoyed. Will do again soon.

Breakfast: 5.2 oz baked beans.

Lunch: Tin of tuna + mayo + black pepper.

Dinner: Lamb vindaloo + lemon rice.

Alcohol: gin and tonic, vodka and tonic, Jaeger bombs, whisky and coke, etc etc.

Analysis: Pacing doesn’t work if I’m pacing myself with a hardened drinker!

Analysis 2: Main + rice is the way forward with curry restaurants!


I found Wednesday’s post:

Breakfast 0.9 oz (24g) oats + 4 oz milk + water + salt. (Was nom and satisfying despite being less.)

Lunch: Salmon and rice with peas etc.

Dinner: Same as lunch – approx 12 oz.

Fruit: Banana. Cherries.

Drink: Tea.

Exercise: After about 5 months’ thinking about it  went to Hilton Newbury North on payasugym. Cost me £1 as C introduced me. (Next time will be £6.) Did 31 minutes and allegedly 300 calories on the cross-trainer. Exhausted myself then went for a leisurely swim. 20 sit ups (40 left to do this week).

Analysis: the £1 fine on seconds worked. Was about to tuck into more when remembered it.

Analysis 2: I’m not going to have a starter at the curry restaurant tomorrow night.


No Seconds

Breakfast: 1 oz oats + 4 oz milk + water + salt

Lunch: 2 boiled eggs

Fruit: banana. Cherries.

Drinks: Tea. Small latte

Supper: 12 oz salmon with rice and peas + seconds

Exercise: 20 sit ups (40 so far this week)

Analysis: Am having 1 oz of oats per day. Will cut this to 0.9 oz tomorrow.

Analysis 2: Have had seconds two nights running now. Will create a £1 fine for seconds.

Current 5 decisions/rules:

1. £1 if I have seconds.

2. £10 if alcohol on work night if not special occasion. £10 if lights not out at 11.15pm

3. Reading Oates book, then Andrew Jackson then Sherwood Anderson.  (Possible flexibility with birthday present book.)

4. Pace drinking to one other person in the group. Fine: £35.

5. 5 minutes French + Art + German per day. Concentrate more = 10p per loss in concentration (hard to police).

Impressive restraint (145.2 lbs)

Last night I only had 3 slices of Papa John’s pizza despite it being lush.

Analysis 1: eat more slowly. Have nom breaks.

Analysis 2: Mantra mostly works: “Choose your hard: self-discipline or being fat.”

Brekker: 1 oz oats + ~ 4 oz milk + water + salt.

Lunch: 2 boiled eggs.

Fruit: banana. Approx 10 sonata cherries from CostCo. Delicious.

Dinner: Bubble and squeak with 2 fried eggs. (Had small seconds – brief breakdown of mantra.)

Drink: Small latte. (Also breakdown of mantra due to feeling a bit stressed. Possible other mantra: “Stuff the problem not the food.”)

Exercise: 20 sit ups. Walk on Snelsmore Common.

Gained 2 lbs (146.8 lbs)

Exercise: 45 sit ups. Bike ride on Common.

Breakfast: 1 oz oats + ~4 oz milk + salt

Lunch: 2 corns from KFC.

Drink: 1 tea. Pint of water with vitamin C tablet. Tea.

Snacks: Some crisps – not many. Apple.

Dinner: 3 slices of Papa John’s Piri Piri Chicken pizza.

Analysis 1: Sit ups were exhausting; I’m very unfit. I thought 100 in a week would be easy. Will suggest sticking at 100 for next week’s allocation.

Analysis 2: When out with work on Thurs night, will pace myself against someone. Drinking lots of water doesn’t stop me getting trollied.

Winning at the Races (144.2 lbs & £55)

Went to Ascot. Put £10 on Camborne in the Duke of Edinburgh handicap at 5-1. Using my winnings, I put £20 on American Trilogy and £20 on Simenon in the final race and got a pay out of £65. (Net win: £55.)  Popped to Sainsbury’s afterwards to buy Moet et Chandon.

Alcohol: Most of a bottle of white wine. (Dad only got one glass.) Small overpriced bottle of white from the bar. (Should have taken two bottles in with us!) About half a bottle of Moet. Glass of claret. Some Maker’s Mark.

Breakfast: 1 oz oats + 7 oz milk + honey.

Lunch: chicken sandwiches, cherry tomatoes, Kipling’s Bakewell Cake, Kipling’s Carrot Cake, crisps, sausage roll.

Dinner: fish, chips, mayo, mushy peas.

Drinks: White coffee + lovely Chai steamer from AMT on Reading station.

Analysis: Lots £20 over the first two races. I only had £38 spending money, so I sat out the next two races. I consoled myself with the bottle of white wine. (Was drinking water after each glass, but drinking very fast.) Conclusion: need to take more cherry tomatoes on picnics!

Analysis 2: Drink more slowly! Pace myself to another drinker in the room. (I far outdrank dad and B.)

Champagne at work (144.8 lbs)

Breakfast: yoghurt + granola.

Lunch: cous cous with salad.

Drinks: medium latte with caramel. 2 grim white coffees from the machine to help me sober up. Milk coffee at home.

Snacks: 2 Turkish Delight squares.

Dinner: roast dinner with chicken, roast spuds, parsnips, carrots, savoy cabbage, stuffing and gravy. Most nom.

Alcohol: 2 glasses of champagne at work. Tonight: red wine only. Rivers of it. Update: stuck to red wine all evening. The glass of wine I had in the pub was so hideous I couldn’t finish it. This was good from the not consuming too many calories point of view, but a waste. I’ll not be ordering wine in pubs again.

Analysis: Mixing drinks is bad, so tonight I will ONLY be having red wine.

Analysis 2: New mantras: “The pain of discipline is less than the pain of regret.”

“Don’t trade what you want most for what you want right now.”