Champagne reward? (Tuesday, 142.4 lbs)

Romney ends tour on a sour note. I thought that Romney had done quite well in Poland – praising them for small government and a market economy. Turns out he can’t control his press secretary, who told a reporter to ‘shove it’. I love that Solidarity distanced itself from him despite his compliments due to his treatment of US trade unions.

Breakfast: 1 oz oats + 5 oz milk + water + salt.

Lunch: 2 boiled eggs.

Fruit: 5 apricots.

Drink: Small ‘skinny’ latte.

Dinner: Stir fry, fish in batter, rice.

Exercise: Walk at The Chase.

Analysis: If I’m 9 stone 13 by or on Friday, I will buy a bottle of Etienne Dumont if still reduced in Sainsbury’s. (Otherwise will get something of an equivalent price.)

Analysis 2: Need to buy the punch bag and the rowing machine. Will book my climber taster course too.


Alcohol debate (Monday, 142.6 lbs)

I couldn’t work out why the Olympic cauldron needed to be moved. I love that it was relit by someone called Austin Playfoot.

Breakfast: 1 oz oats + 5 oz milk + water + salt.

Lunch: 2 boiled eggs.

Fruit: 5 apricots.

Drinks: Tea. Skinny cap. Small amount of fanta.

Dinner: courgettes, aubergine, onions, peppers, cabbage stir fry with fish gougons in batter + rice.

Exercise: 36 mins walk on Snelsmore.

Analysis: might get free-standing punch-bag. This might destress me as well as help me get fit.

Analysis 2: I had 3 drinking nights last week, so should pay £10 to the fine box. I’m trying to stay within budget this month, so instead will look up 25 reasons to drink less.

Oh dear – came across this site when researching the dangers of alcohol. I love the dying words of Lord Keynes: “I wish I’d drunk more champagne.”

Conclusion:  This info from knowyourlimits should hold me back next time I want to drink too much:

Scientists think that the link between alcohol and breast cancer could be down to the effect alcohol has on our sex hormones. Drinking alcohol changes the levels of hormones that you have in your body, including the female sex hormone oestrogen. Oestrogen is essential for normal sexual development and the functioning of female reproductive organs. It also acts to help to maintain healthy bones and heart. But this hormone can also increase the risk of breast cancer and is known to stimulate the growth of many breast cancers.


Breast cancer is one of the leading causes of death among women. As far as the risk of getting breast cancer is concerned, the more you drink the greater the risk. There are other risk factors, some of which we have no control over, but alcohol is one of the risk factors we can control.


Liver disease is sometimes referred to as a ‘silent killer’. It takes years to fully develop and there are usually no symptoms until you reach the advanced stages so people may have the disease without knowing until years down the line, when the damage is already done.


From now on if I drink more than two nights in a week, I’ll put £10 in the fine box. The advantage is that I’ll be able to afford more champagne! Quality not quantity.

Sunday – 140.8 lbs

I don’t think Mitt Romney was all that bad when in London. I love that he couldn’t remember  Ed Miliband’s name, so called him ‘Mr Leader’.

Breakfast: 1 oz oats + 5 oz milk + water + salt.

Fruit: 7 apricots.

Snack: 1 square of salted Lindt. Some beetroot. A boiled egg.

Dinner: prawns with lime and chilli sauce. Blue cheeseburger with salad.

Drink: shared a bottle of champagne (Charles de Ravon – reduced in Tesco) + some whiskies.

Analysis: checked out some rowing machines on ebay.

Analysis 2: feeling lazy about going out cycling especially as it’s looking wet. Am going to go out for just 15 minutes now. Update: done.

Out of control (Saturday, 141.6 lbs)

Breakfast: sandwich with egg mayo (2 slices of bread).

Lunch: sandwich with egg mayo (2 slices of bread).

Fruit: 5 apricots.

Snack: 4 or 5 slices of Lindt salted chocolate.

Drink: small black ginseng coffee.

Alcohol: 2 double gin and tonics. Didn’t finish the second one.

Exercise: cycled to The Chase in Woolton Hill and back.

Analysis: out of control today in that I can stop doing things. I was only going to organise our books for 90 minutes. Didn’t want to leave the downstairs bookcase unfinished, so couldn’t stop. Was going to do 90 minutes of work-work, but again couldn’t stop as didn’t want to leave it unfinished. Have just read some of flylady’s words to try to get back on track. Lol – I’ll repeat 7 times to myself: “If I can’t finish something in the allotted time, I forget about it and come back to it refreshed the following day.”

Analysis 2: I’m going to look into Zumba classes in Northcroft. A recommended a teacher there.

Article: lack of ambition. At my comprehensive I was allowed to be rubbish at sport. I was fairly tall, so could have been good with a bit of encouragement. Though maybe all the encouragement in the world wouldn’t have got me interested. I remember thinking when I was 11, “I’m too old to go on that tennis course.”. When I was in my mid-twenties, I went on a one day group tennis course. I was a total shambles – much worse than some of the much older ladies there. Hmm – I might actually be able to get good though with one-on-one coaching. Not sure how much this will cost – I’ll try to get round to asking at Greenacre Leisure.

OMG – this is a difficult one. Should you aspire or just work on being happy? I don’t know – I suppose the answer is somewhere in between. Sits on fence.

Absinthe Night (Friday – 140.8)

Breakfast: 1 oz oats + 5 oz milk + water + salt.

Lunch: most of a tin of tuna with mayo and pepper.

Snack: 1 mini flapjack. Squares of chocolate in the evening.

Drinks: tea + orange juice.

Alcohol: shared 2 bottles of red between 3 of us. Absinthe with burnt sugar.

Dinner: cold spread with brie, goat’s cheese, humus, guacamole, celery, bread, hams, 2 chicken legs.

Analysis: went to absinthe night with written plan. A good one would have been: “Pace yourself with the slowest drinker.”

Analysis 2: start doing sit ups again. Maybe do star jumps too. Thinking of doing pilates and zumba but scared of group exercise.

Article on the Olympic opening ceremony. Best bit was Daniel Craig and the Queen parachuting.

“How can one make a pattern out of this muddle?” George Orwell wondered of this country in his wonderful essay England Your England, written during the Blitz – a bombardment that featured, along with geese, suffragettes, Bowie, Brunel, the Archers, and weatherman Michael Fish’s failure to forecast the 1987 hurricane. Boyle’s answer to Orwell’s question seemed to be that one can’t really, and that’s the best thing about the place.


The rattle of handcuffs in the boardroom (Thursday, 141.6)

I didn’t know that Coutts is part of RBS. They’ve not been monitoring clients carefully enough for signs of drug-money laundering, sanctions busting, tax evasion and arms trafficking. My first thought on reading this article was ‘who cares?’. Then I had jealous thoughts about the champagne flowing in Holland Park. We need the rattle of handcuffs in the boardroom when it’s proved a bank has failed to “conduct appropriate ongoing monitoring” of dodgy accounts.

Breakfast: 1 oz oats + 5 oz milk + water + salt.

Lunch: ~ 5 oz of kabanos + cheese.

Fruit: banana.

Exercise: ladies’ walking night. I had a lot of fun – and a lot of good exercise – playing with A on the zip wire, hurling her around and pushing her buggy up hill. Need to do this much more often.

Drink: small ‘skinny’ latte.

Dinner: mackerel salad with avocado at M’s.

Treat: wasabi chocolate and some lush lemon chocolate from Brussels.

Analysis: still need to buy rowing machine.

Analysis 2: need to resist the flapjacks someone brought in. ‘Choose your hard’ – not nomming flapjacks is hard, but not being able to wear my favourite clothes again is harder.

Under target again (Wednesday – 141.6 lbs)

The strike has been called off. Was fascinated to find out that Reagan sacked 11,345 striking air traffic controllers in 1981. It must have made air travel much more dangerous.

Breakfast: 1 oz oats + 5 oz milk + water + salt

Lunch: ~ 3 oz beetroot +  3 to 5 oz kabanos.

Drinks: cup of tea. Black coffee.

Dinner: 12 oz kedgeree.

Exercise: 15 minute walk at lunch time. Walk at The Chase. Managed to find the valley again. Need to take the camera next time.

Analysis: need to sort out my self-discipline as this helps with weight-loss. Current 5 decision ‘slots’:

1. Every day either 5 mins French+German+ArtHistory or 15 minutes learning about computers. (Today learnt about TCP and packet sniffing.) 5 minutes’ filing every day.

2. Will finish fabulous Andrew Jackson biography and then read Ohio Winesburg.

3. £10 fine if not in bed by 11.15pm. £10 fine if drink alcohol more than 2 nights per week.

4. Screen break every hour on the hour for a minimum of 3 minutes.

5. Decision slot free.

Analysis 2: need to buy rowing machine for exercising in the house when it’s raining.