Week off coming up (Friday)

Breakfast: 1 oz oats + 5.1 oz milk + water + honey.

Lunch: egg mayo baguette.

Drinks: lemsip. 2 small lattes. Bitter lemon.

Snack: Salt and vinegar crisps. Some white chocolate. Fox’s mint. 2 chocolate roses. Cheesy jalapeno bites from CostCo.

Dinner: burger.

Alcohol: sip of B’s beer. Toddy. Brandy.

Analysis: bottle of champagne on Monday 10th September if 10st2 or less and did not drink alcohol on Sunday 9th.

Analysis 2: Other new decision is to chill out over my week off. Will only try to achieve stuff for a maximum of 45 minutes per day.

Decision not kept: original plan was Veuve Clicquot on Monday 10th Sept but too expensive.


Chest infection – Thursday

Breakfast: 1 oz oats + ~ 5 oz milk + water + honey.

Lunch: Small quiche.

Alcohol: Irish coffee + half a cider + 500 ml pear cider.

Drinks: Teas + 2 small lattes. Non-alcholic toddy.

Fruit: Large nectarine.

Dinner: chicken and mushroom soup + baguette with butter.

Snacks: 3 chocolates. 3 smallish almond croissants.

Analysis: It’s really important to either stick to a decision or write down on this blog if I don’t stick to one.

Analysis 2: No weighing till next Friday. Need to think of a reward for next Friday if I’m under 10 stone 2.

2 days at work till holiday (141 lbs)

Breakfast: 1 oz oats + 5.1 oz milk + water + honey.

Lunch: Tuna mayo sandwich.

Fruit: Large nectarine.

Dinner: fat prawns with lime and chilli. Mushrooms baked with cheese and cream. Raspberries with yoghurt and honey.

Alcohol: Brandy + hot toddy.

Snack: butter mint. Reese’s Nutrageous bar.

Drinks: Tea. 2 small lattes.

Analysis: need to read other people’s weightloss blogs for inspiration.

Analysis 2: need to avoid eating seconds.

Soldiers standing up for Prince Harry 😛

Got a cold (Tuesday, 142.2 lbs)

Breakfast: 1 oz oats + 5.1 oz milk + water + salt.

Lunch: Tuna + mayo.

Drinks: Two small lattes. Lemsip. 2 non-alcoholic toddies.

Dinner: Roasted root vegetable frittata.

Fruit: banana.

Snack: Yoghurt + raspberries + manuka honey.

Analysis: Normally when I’m ill, I have brandy hot toddies. The idea repulses my new reformed self. Drinking 2 nights per week is definitely right and the way forward. I appreciate it more when I do drink, save money, can buy better quality booze (Sancerre + champagne), look after my health + probably do better at work.

Analysis 2: Planning a boozey bonus for next month. This might be 50p extra spending money for alcohol if I get to bed before 11pm.

Fat Monday – 142.6 lbs

Lunch: half a BBQ burger. Half a hot dog.

Drinks: Café Nero Chai Latte. Elderflower fizzy water.

Dinner: Hugh’s roasted root vegetable frittata.

Exercise: 300 calories (about 30 minutes) on crosstrainer. A few lengths of the pool.

Analysis: Instead of “I feel too drunk; I should eat something”, I should think: “I should drink lots of water.” I need to have the carafe of water ALWAYS on hand when drinking in the house. Outside the house I should have a pint of water near by. Will also keep a bottle of tap water in the fridge as it’s much nicer cold.

Analysis 2: Am feeling lazy and struggling to stick to decisions, so will reduce the 5 slots to this

  1. £10 fine per night if drink alcohol more than 2 nights per week.
  2. Screen break every hour on the hour for a minimum of 3 minutes else 50p fine.
  3. Empty.
  4. Empty.
  5. Empty.

Lovely carvery at The Bristol Trader (Sunday, 140.4 lbs)

Drinks: 2 coffees. Water with vitamin C tablet.

Snack:  small choc. 2 packets of salt and vinegar crisps. Lots of Lidl white chocolate. Some Maryland cookies.

Lunch: carvery with turkey, pork and beef. Roast potato, carrots, cabbage and other roast trims. Nicer but slightly more expensive than yesterday’s Toby carvery.

Dinner: chilli con carne with rice and lots of grated cheese.

Alcohol: Approx half a bottle of champagne with black chambord. About half a bottle of white burgundy.

Analysis: Need to eat an apple a day.

Analysis 2: Need to think about drinking on my week off. Should plan to just drink on two days (and not pay the fine).

Saturday in Pembrokeshire (139.0 lbs)

Drinks: Coffee. Teas.

Lunch: Carvery at Toby Inn – mmm, succulent pork.

Tea: Half a massive scone with cream and jam.

Dinner: Chicken pie with boiled potatoes, sweet potatoes with cream, carrots, brocolli, mushrooms, gravy, pepper and watercress, etc.

Dessert: Apple and apricot fool.

Analysis: Was complimented when trying clothes on in a shop. Mum suggested I don’t appreciated being able to wear anything. I do though. I love being thin. The choice of clothes is so much better.

Analysis 2: Last time I had a drink, B paid the fine for me! This is not acceptable. If I drink more than 2 nights in a week, I have to pay the £10 fine.