New plan for Man vs Food tour (Sunday)

Fruit: some dried apricots.

Snacks: Some meat left over from yesterday’s brekker. Some Marmalade biscuits. Some Maryland choc chip cookies (3?). About 5 squares of chocolate.

Drinks: Several teas. Orange juice.

Lunch: Haloumi and aubergine wrap.

Analysis: Need to think frequently: “I’m going to be under 10st2 again!”

Analysis 2: If I want to have a bottle of Berry Bro champagne on Oct 17th, I need to stick to the following from tomorrow till October 15th:

  • Maximum 4 loadings of a plate per day (i.e. 3 meals and one treat). Starters now count as a meal.
  • Drink water after EVERY alcoholic drink. Water must be the same amount as the alcohol.
  • Maximum 3 drinking days per week.

This is my last chance at the October 17th champers! I am going to stick to this decision.

Just watched the first episode of Newsroom. Best TV in ages.


Can’t remember everything (Saturday)

Breakfast: buttered white bread, 2 fried eggs, black pudding, mushrooms, fried tomato and other tasty noms.

Drinks: Orange juice. Coffee. Tea.

Alcohol: Shared a bottle of Louis Roederer and Vouvray. Some gin and tonic.

Dinner: Haloumi and aubergine wrap.

Snacks: Lidl chocolate. Salt and vinegar crisps. Various meat left over from brekker (black pud, sausage). Not sure what else!

Analysis: Always write down what eat! Notebook should always be on hand.

Analysis: Always buy cherry tomatoes on drinking days at home!

Coffee machine extravaganza (Friday)

Breakfast: 1 oz oats +  milk + water + honey.

Lunch: ~ 6 oz stir fry.

Fruit: ~ 1.5 oz dried apricots. Banana.

Alcohol: 2 pints of cider. Lots of red wine. Half a bottle of white wine.

Drinks: 1 latte, 2 mochas, 1 cappuccino, 1 white coffee.

Dinner: Liver starter + aubergine chicken main at Gurkha.

Dessert: Piranha birthday cake.

Analysis: Don’t drink at lunch time at work! Requires loads of fattening milky drinks to make it safe to drive home. Also have to put off doing interesting stuff as too inebriated.

Analysis 2: Read more FitnessNerd.

Urgent action required as 10st4 (Thursday, 144.4)

Analysis 1: Rules if I want a bottle of champagne from Berry Bros on 17th October:

  • Max 3 meals per day + one treat. Starter + main counts as one meal. Only one loading of the plate allowed. If possible, leave a little on eat each plate. Unlimited fresh fruit, but only about 1 oz of dried fruit.
  • 3 drinking days per week.

Analysis 2: To gain a bottle of wine or champers costing more than £15 on Saturday at Berry Bros, I must drink a glass of water after each alcoholic drink. The amount of water should be at least as much as the amount of alchol.

Breakfast: 1 oz oats + ~ 5.5 oz milk + water + honey.

Lunch: large portion of stir fry.

Fruit: ~ 1.5 oz dried apricots (rather than the 6 oz I had yesterday) + 1 banana.

Drink: Latte.

Dinner: starter plus main. Only loaded plate once for each.

Alcohol: white wine + smal sip of red.

Bugger – over 10st2 again (Wednesday, 143)

Breakfast: Tuna mayo sandwich.

Lunch: Tuna mayo sandwich (from same tin of tuna).

Fruit: ~ 150 g dried apricots. Banana.

Drink: Latte.

Dinner: Stir fry with noodles.

Analysis: need to check out this site when I need to get stuff in perspective.

Analysis 2: Simplification of decisions

  1. Daily 15-minute tidy + wash load.
  2. Daily 15-minute holiday prep.
  3. Daily C# blog post (work days only)
  4. Hourly 3-minute break on the hour. Leave building for 30 minutes minimum every lunch time.
  5. Blank.

Walk night (Tuesday, ~ 142.4)

Breakfast: 1 oz oats + milk + honey. Second spoonful of honey.

Lunch: steak and mayo sandwich.

Fruit: dried apricots. Banana. Blackberry.

Exercise: walk near M’s towards Bucklebury.

Drinks: Latte. Coffee. Sparkling apple and blackberry water. Vit C.

Dinner: chorizo, baguette, tortilla, pisto and salad.

Analysis: I’ve been having a lot of seconds lately. Seconds is ok, but thirds is not acceptable.

Analysis 2: Need to read more FitnessNerd.