The Testament of Sherlock Holmes (Wednesday)

I’m normally very kift at video games, but am getting on ok with the Sherlock Holmes one. It is much more immersive than a book or film.

Breakfast: porridge with honey.

Lunch: duck paté and tongue sandwich.

Fruit: banana. Lots of blueberries.

Drinks: still lemonade.

Dinner: At least 14 oz of kedgeree.

Dessert: St Lucian Banana cake.

Analysis: I need to sort out my quantities. Breakfast and lunch should be no more than 5 oz of food each. Dinner should be no more than 12 oz.

Analysis 2: just checked Northcroft swimming timetable for half term. There’s a General Swim from 21.00 to 22.30.


Making kedgeree (Tuesday)

Breakfast: porridge with honey.

Lunch: duck paté on oat biscuits.

Fruit: banana.

Dinner: kedgeree (made it myself with less stressifying than usual).

Dessert: St Lucian Banana cake made by MC.

Alcohol: Lots of red wine.

Analysis 1: for once I actually enjoyed cooking. Need to plan something tasty and easy to do next – maybe something Italian.

Analysis 2: need to add a resolutions page to my blob. Hopefully it won’t turn into a graveyard of dead promises.

One of my worse hangovers ever (Monday)

Today’s hangover is probably amongst my top 10 worst ever. I’m looking forward to stopping drinking after tomorrow until 30 Nov (except for B’s birthday).

Analysis 1: NEED EVIAN ON HAND WHEN DRINKING. Have a two litre bottle in the cupboard for tomorrow night. There should always be a 2l Evian in the booze cupboard to remind me of this day.

Analysis 2: Need to get down the gym on Wed or Thurs to burn yesterday off.

Breakfast: Porridge and honey.

Drinks: Bottle of fanta. Very sugary Chinese ginger tea.  Large latte.

Snack: croissant. A few peppermints. Small biscuit.

Lunch: duck paté roll.

Dinner: 2 pieces of chicken. Hot dogs. Greens.

Exercise: walked to café at lunchtime.

Oh dear (Sunday)


Milky coffee.

Latte with half a chocolate straw at Vincent Davies.

Carvery at the Bristol Trader (photo).

Chai latte.

About 3 millionaire shortbread. About half a packet chocolate peanuts.

Small roast dinner with chicken, spuds, veg and gravy.

Choc chip cookies.

At least half a bottle of wine. Gin and tonics. Brandy.

Analysis 1: need to get some jeans that are slightly too small for me from a charity shop and slim to get into them.

Analysis 2: need to write all exercise down in this blob.

Paige jeans (Saturday)


Found some bootcut paige jeans in Carmarthen. I need to make my thighs thinner though before I buy them. Need to go to a gym.

Analysis 1: need to look out for gym groupons.

Analysis 2: need to start measuring my thighs.
Milky coffee.

Carvery at The Boar’s Head in Carmarthen.

Ginger beer, flavoured water.

Large latte. Some samples in cafe.

Dinner with fat sausages and lovely gravy.

Baked apples with creme fraiche.

Few squares choc.

Glass of port. Glass of red lable Johnnie Walker.

Off to Wales (Friday)

Breakfast: ~8oz kedgeree.

Lunch: duck paté sandwich.

Fruit: 2 bananas.

Drinks: cappuccino, chai latte & glass of ginger beer.

Snack: chunky white kitkat.

Dinner: cheese omelette with water cress.

Analysis: Need to get to bed by 11pm on week nights. When I’m tired, I eat too much to try to get some energy.

Analysis 2: Am enjoying following flylady‘s daily suggestions again. Tidy house => happier, less stressy => nom less.

El Sabio (Thursday, 144.6)


Breakfast: porridge and honey.

Fruit: banana.

Lunch: duck paté sandwich.

Drinks: cappuccino.

Alcohol: Glass of rosé. Half a bottle of albarino. Gin and tonic.

Dinner: Lovely tapas at El Sabio in Newbury. Mint.

Analysis: Will not weigh myself until Friday 2nd Nov.

Analysis 2: Need to think “I’m going to be 10st2 on 2nd Nov!”