Krug Eve (Thursday)

I’ve only had 2 drinking days since 30th October! Analysis 1: 2 drinking days per week from now on. It will be hard, but worth it as will stay a sensible weight, be more switched on at werk and have more energy.

Analysis 2: Need to take the massive Evian bottle to Cardiff to remind me to drink water. Will put it ready now. I’m thinking of getting the flylady water bottles.

Breakfast: porridge + honey.

Lunch: zebra paté + 6 oat biscuits.

Snacks: Approx 6 flying saucers. 5 choc mice/fish/unknowns.

Drink: half an Americano with milk (far too strong).

Dinner: 14 oz macaroni cheese. Should not have had more than 12 oz!


Macaroni cheese (Wednesday)

Analysis 1: I need to cook once a week. B showed me how to make macaroni cheese very quickly. I’m going to do it on my own on Monday.

Analysis 2: From now on I’m going to drink only 2 nights per week (3 nights per week when on holiday). I’ll add this to the Resolutions page.

Breakfast: porridge with honey.

Lunch: tuna mayo.

Dinner: 12.1 oz macaroni cheese (plus some tastings whilst making it). Then seconds, thirds, etc.

Drink: Cappuccino. Bottle of coca cola.

Snack: Tunnock’s tea cake (most nom). Some pistachios.

Fish and Chips (Tuesday)

Breakfast: porridge with honey.

Lunch: tuna mayo.

Dinner: fish and chips with curry sauce from chip shop.

Snack: cup cake.

Analysis 1: Every hour on the hour I should top up my water or get a herbal tea. If I’m full of water, I’ll eat less. This will also cause a break, so will be good for de-stressing.

Analysis 2: need to read other people’s dieting blogs, e.g. Diet Girl. She recommends a zumba video.  I might look into a zumba class – though am terrified of group exercise. Hopefully going with CW to a class at her gym next week though.


Passport picture (Monday)

Despite retaking it about 7 times my passport pictures is horrendous!

Breakfast: porridge with honey.

Lunch: tuna mayo with about 5 cherry tomatoes.

Drinks: Chinese ginger tea (don’t normally write up teas, but this is a particularly sugary treat).

Dinner: 2 boiled eggs and 2 slices of buttered toast.

Snack: Mister Choc Peanut Choco bar (60g).

Analysis: still no exercise. Will try to at least walk to Tesco and back tomorrow.

Analysis 2: am craving Nutella on toast. If I’m going to have this, I must first eat some dried cherries.

Millionaire Chaos (Sunday)

Tea from new pot.

Blue cheese burger.


Cup of tea.

Shared some Lidl tortellini with B.

Millionaire Chaos from Tescos. (Various chocolate desserts mixed together.) OMG – I ate the lot – 1339 kcal. It contained 68g of fat.

Analysis: feeling better now so should do some exercise tomorrow even if it’s just a 15 minute walk.

Analysis 2: Buy some tinned, dried or fresh fruit and eat that rather than Millionaire chaos.

New teapot (Saturday)

Breakfast at Kiwi Café: 2 poached eggs on 2 slices of buttered toast. Some of B’s mushrooms. Coffee. Orange juice.

Snack:  About 5 marmalade biscuits.

Drink: Tea. Milky Coffee. Coca-Cola.

The offending teapot

Analysis: I fear new things. Made tea for the first time in the teapot B got for his birthday.Panicked that it would be too strong or too weak. Ate about 5 biscuits whilst making tea. Need to think ‘What’s the worst that can happen’ like in the Dr Pepper advert. The worst is that I could have slipped on my newly mopped floor – see halo – and smashed the pot.

Analysis 2: need to read Fitness Nerd.

Dinner: Turkey leg with rice and veg. About 7 hush puppies (deep-fried corn bread). Some greens.

Horrible cold (Friday)

I’ve not blogged for a week as have had zero energy due to a cold.

Breakfast: porridge with honey.

Drinks: Coffee. Pineapple and coconut juice.

Lunch: 2 kabanos sausages.

Fruit: dire fruit mix from Lidl.

Dinner: can of chicken soup with lots of white bread and butter.

Snacks: 2 Milka chocolate Kügel. 1 Mister Choco Peanut bar.

Paul McKenna suggests asking these 2 questions every day:

What positive thing happened today? I haven’t had any chocolate or junk snack yet.

What am I looking forward to doing tomorrow? Taking dog for a walk and maybe going out on my bike. Probably not well enough for payasugym or a swim.