Sunday (141.4, 1*)

Breakfast: porridge with honey.

Drinks: Coffee. Tea.

Snack: Choc mint. Salt and vinegar crisps. Ginger choc. 2 mint chocs.

Dinner: fried spuds + onions + bacon + eggs.

Alcohol: Pouilly Fuissé 2008 Clos des Quarts from Berry Bros. Best white wine ever. Better than champers. Macmillan whisky.

Analysis: haven’t done any exercise today. Need to do at least 15 minutes per day.

Analysis 2: need to get some cherry tomatoes for NYE.


Saturday, 141.4. 1*

Brunch: omelette with salad. Chai latte.

Fruit: Entire grapefuit with sugar. Entire melon.

Drinks: Tea. Coffee.

Snacks: shortbread. 2 shell chocolates. Chocolate mint.

Dinner: ham, lamb, camembert, epoisse, biscuits.

Analysis: my star system hasn’t been motivating me very much. Might need to scrap it.

Analysis 2: need to get a picture from Pinterest and put it as the header of my blob.

Giving blood (Friday, 143.2, 1*)

Breakfast: 2 homemade croissants.

Lunch: spud salad. Porridge with honey.

Drinks: coffee x 3.

Snack: mince pie. Ginger chocolate. Ginger biscuits x 2. Dairy milk. 90% black choc. Choc mint.

Dinner: chorizo, blue cheese, epoisse, biscuits, lamb, branston pickle, cucumber, smoked salmon, camembert, mustard.

Was able to give blood today – have got my haemoglobin count back up due to stuffing industrial amounts of meat.

Analysis: need to read more pinterest. It’s like Twitter but with photos. Lots of inspirational weight-loss quotes.

Analysis 2: 10st3 when I was expecting to be about 10st7! Think this is due to my water bottle. It reminds me to drink water when drinking booze, so I don’t get too drunk & go on a stuffing spree.

Stars for bras (Thursday, 1 star)

Analysis: am getting totally bogged down with my various tasks and resolutions. (Will stick with the champagne reward for when I finish the Steve Jobs biography.)  I’m going to award stars for different tasks. Each star adds up to £1. When I’ve got enough, I’ll invest in some new lingerie. See ‘Stars’ page for more details.

Analysis 2: need to read nerd fitness again.

Breakfast: porridge with honey.

Snacks: Biscuits x 5. 1 garlic mushroom. Some spud salad.

Drinks: Latte. J2O. Coke.

Lunch: about 5oz lamb.

Dinner: ham, mustard, potatoes and 2 fried eggs.

Stars: 1 for non-drinking day.

Boxing Day


Walk at The Chase.

Bread, butter, ham, Epoisse & cucumber.

1 ginger chocolate biscuit.

Cup of tea.

Shared bottle of champagne with B.

Lots of ham and lamb with Piccalilli, mustard and mint sauce.

Disgusting glass of Jameson’s Triple Distilled.

Switched to Macallan (Xmas present for RF, sorry).

1 chocolate biscuit.

Some Schwäbische Wirbele (small biscuits).

Roast spuds, manges tout, carrots, lamb, Yorkshire puds, gravy. Chicken legs.

Lovely Lindt caramel chocolate. Some 90% chocolate.

Analysis: From now on am only allowed ONE MEAL after starting drinking. The alcohol calories aren’t the problem – it’s the stuffing I do once I start drinking. New motto: Eating is Cheating.

Analysis 2: Need to get back into grouping my eating into meals (max 4 per day + fruit).