Moar Zumba (Wednesday, 144.4)

Analysis: gained 2 lbs yesterday. Need to cut down drinking to non-werk nights. I think this should be my new habit. (New habit starts next Wednesday – trying to introduce them all slowly.)

Analysis 2: need to get a zumba skirt and new exercise clothes, so I look the part a bit more. I think this will give me a boost to try harder. Couldn’t get my brain in gear tonight.

Breakfast: porridge with honey.

Fruit: About 5 figs. Slice of melon.

Lunch: Tuna mayo.

Dinner: salad in garlic and herbs vinaigrette. Lettuce, tomatoes, celery, cucumber, prawns, mackerel, radishes and black-eye peas.


Celebrating mortgage milestone (10st2 – 64.5kg)

Breakfast: porridge with honey.

Lunch: tuna mayo.

Snack: Mars bar.

Fruit: banana.

Exercise: About 30 mins walk at lunch time.

Alcohol: Half a bottle of champagne. Half a bottle of white wine.

Dinner: Carbnomara. Seconds.

Analysis: wasn’t going to drink till Friday, but got the mortgage statement today and have passed a new milestone. Mmm, Pol Roger. Seriously need to consider in future only drinking on non-work nights. Lol.

Analysis 2: need to read other  people’s weightloss blogs for inspiration. Can’t imagine getting to goal of 62.5kg.

Monday (10st2)

Breakfast: porridge with honey.

Lunch: 3 slices of Domino’s pizza.

Snacks: 2 rows kitkat, 1 cadbury’s creme egg. 1 packet crisps. 3ish hotel chocolat chocs.

Dinner: Egg mayo sandwich. 2 sweetcorns from KFC.

Fruit: Small amount dried figs.

Exercise: 10ish minute walk.

Analysis: Need to read fitnessnerd as not very motivated at the moment.

Analysis 2: Need to eat more fruit and veg. Should add this to future habits page.


Trip to Berry Bros (Sunday, 143.8 lbs)

Analysis: Had a lovely trip to Berry Bros to buy more wine. Am not going to drink any until next month (Friday).

Analysis 2: Need to always have a glass of water after every glass of wine. I think I’ll enjoy the evening more (stay up longer) and lose weight. I’ll add this to my future decision list.

Breakfast: porridge with honey.

Fruit: banana. Dried figs.

Drinks: Latte. Several cups of tea.

Snack: Mint chocolate. Hotel Chocolat choc.

Dinner: Tin of mushroom soup. Egg, sausage and tomato sandwich.

Not doing much (Saturday, 10st 1.5)

Analysis: put on weight. Probably due to the alcohol-related extra eating last night. Need to go out on my bike tomorrow (especially as I paid so much for the pump).

Analysis 2: need to do Zumba at home watching YouTube videos.

Breakfast: 2 slices of buttered toast plus 2 boiled eggs.

Fruit: Dried figs (have stocked up again as the offer is still on at H&B).

Drinks: Coffee with milk.

Dinner: Toad in the hole.

Drinks: Entire bottle of white wine. Large brandy.

Snacks: Pistachios. Salted mixed nuts. Milk chocolate. Almost 2 packets of salt and vinegar crips. Choc mints.