Pilates (Thursday, 141.8)

Breakfast: porridge with honey.

Lunch: Tuna pasta salad. (Tagliatelle from last night + tuna mayo.)

Fruit: Banana.

Exercise: Pilates.

Drinks: Cappuccino. Cup of tea.

Dinner: Chicken livers and mushrooms on buttered toast.

Analysis: Need to do small bursts of exercise throughout the day. Parts were jiggling in Zumba last night that shouldn’t have been!

Analysis: Need to print out the Angry Birds workout and do some of it soon!


Wild mushroom and pancetta tagliatelle (Wednesday, 142.4lbs)

Breakfast: porridge with honey.

Lunch: Tuna mayo.

Fruit: Banana.

Exercise: Zumba class.

Drinks: Latte.

Dinner: Wild mushroom and pancetta tagliatelle – prepared by me!

Analysis: cooking is actually fun! Need to do more of it.

Analysis 2: need to think about what I’m going to cook next week. (New habit is to cook from scratch once per week.)

Back to 10st 2 (Tuesday, 142.8)

Breakfast: porridge with honey.

Drinks: Tea. Coffee. Bitter lemon.

Fruit: Pear.

Dinner: 1.5 jacket spuds with tuna mayo.

Snack: Small popcorn at cinema (half salt half sugar. Nom.)

Analysis: Eat more pears! Need to post on this blob the fab fruit picture from Pinterest.com.

Analylsis 2: Need to buy new clothes and lingerie => feel happier => nom less => get thinner.

Fines (Monday)

Breakfast: porridge with honey.

Lunch: lovely brie sandwich.

Fruit: banana.

Drinks: Hot choc. Latte.

Dinner: more mackerel salad.

Alcohol: gorgeous red wine from Berry Bros.

Analysis: Need to start getting ready for bed at 11pm at the very latest (need to be in bed by 11.15pm). Last few nights I’ve been late, so have paid £10 fine.

Analysis 2: I’ve had two drinking nights on work nights. Have paid £10 to a charity shop (bought 10 pounds’ worth of books).

Baby-sitting (Sunday, 10st4)

Brunch: fried mushrooms with garlic and herbs on buttered toast.

Drink: Lots of cups of tea. Some coffee. Hot choc.

Snack: most of a lush choc muffin from McDonald’s.

Analysis: need to use delaying tactics. Last night really wanted a packet of crisps, but put it off till I finished an episode of Californication.

Analysis 2: need to go out on my bike first thing on a Sunday or otherwise it doesn’t get done.

Exercise: playing in the park with AC.

Dinner: lovely salad with mackerel.

Vitamin tablet.

Alcohol: Cognac.

Banging hangover (Saturday, 145.8lbs)

Brunch: cheese burger. Onion rings with dip. Latte. Orange juice. (McDonalds)

Snack: Cheese sample. (New cheese shop opening in Weaver’s Walk in Newbury.)  Ate a lot of macaroni cheese when preparing some for DM. 1 packet of salt and vinegar chips. A few squares of dark choc.

Fruit: Banana.

Drinks: Coffee. Tea.

Analysis: need to apply chapstick after every cup of tea. I keep forgetting to use it => horrible lips => feel grumpy => eat too much.

Analysis 2: need to buy some new clothes. Permanently skint due to tight budget with too much money spent on booze, but could go to a charity shop.

Alcohol: rum.

Dinner: macaroni cheese. A few chips with tomato sauce. 2 pickled eggs.


Macaroni Cheese (Friday, 10st 7)

Breakfast: porridge with honey.

Lunch: ~4oz Jagdwurst.

Drinks: Latte.

Snack: sausage sample at Sainsbury’s. German crisps.

Dinner: Lots of snacking on Macaroni Cheese ingredients whilst cooking. Macaroni cheese.

Alcohol: large glass of rum. A lot of red wine.

Analysis: Have put on about 4lb in a week. Need to get back on track. If I stick to all my blog habits + write down everything I eat and drink except herbal tea and water till Sunday 3rd March + go to pilates and zumba next week, I’ll buy myself a bottle of champers on 3rd March. (If I drink it on a Sunday, I’ll have to give £5 to charity.)

Analysis 2: About to buy new lingerie. If the lingerie is nice, I’m more likely to select my clothes more carefully. If I feel I look nice, I stuff less.