Monday – more running – 10st9. Fat Duck ETA 1st June.

Analysis 1: I’m gonig to buy Oral-B Pro Expert next time I’m in the supermarket. It tastes so nice it makes me want to clean my teeth more. Clean teeth => no desire to eat chocolate.

Analysis 2: Need to get some CR2033 3v batteries for the kitchen scales. I’m sure I’m measuring out too much porridge.

Breakfast: porridge with honey.

Lunch: Tuna mayo.

Drinks: Two Tea Pigs Chai with milk. Instant coffee + milk.

Snack: Pistachios. Small bar of Moser Roth chocolate.

Fruit: Banana. Grapefruit with sugar. Need to eat moar grapefruit!

Dinner: pork with spinach and mashed potato in gravy.

Exercise: 48 minute walk at lunchtime. 14m 5 second run (1.2 miles).


Sunday – 11.75 minute mile. (Fat Duck – book 1st June)

Cheesy omelette + harvest grain buttered bread.

Walk at the Chase with B. Mapped out a hilly 1.2 mile run. Ran it in 14m 7 seconds.

Analysis: If I drink alcohol AT HOME on a work night, I owe the charity box £5. (Lol – unintended consequence going to the pub lots.)

Analysis 2: Need to buy something easy to cook and eat if having a boozy night in. Didn’t fancy avoiding the bones of sea bream when trollied on champers last night.

Alcohol: Lots of red wine. Went to the pub to avoid the £5 fine! Had a Becks Vier.

Dinner: Lovely macaroni cheese with bacon and spinach made by JW. Also a lovely sea bream.

Snacks: Lots of chocolate. An open sandwich with cheese and meat.

Saturday (147lbs) – Estimated Fat Duck Booking – 1st June

Analysis: If I record everything I eat and drink except water and herbal tea and any exercise until 1st June, I’ll book The Fat Duck for me, B, C & J on 1st June. (Probably will have to wait till 3 months from then though.) If I fail to record a day’s fud and exercise, the booking date goes forward one day.

Analysis 2: Need to buy a new battery for the food scales as giving dodgy results.

Coffee with milk.

Lovely M&S Morrocan salad with butternut squash and carrot.

One of B’s chicken nuggets with dip.

Black Coffee.


30 min run/walk. (Ran 2 mins then walked 2 mins.) 15 mins walk back afterwards.

Papa John’s Pizza + cheesy Jalapeno bites + buffalo wings.

Shared a bottle of champagne with B and a bottle of red wine.

Tirimasu and caramel swirl from Aldi.

Mmm, beef salad. (Thursday, mood = 7)

Mood is low, because I have a cold. Grumps. B suggested this might be because I’ve been drinking more booze than usual and this has affected my immune system. Need to go back to 2 to 3 nights per week. Analysis: If I only have 3 drinking nights next week, I’ll buy myself a new Scott Fitzgerald book.

Analysis 2: Need to write everything down as sometimes it’s hard to remember what I ate.

Analysis  3: Need to leave the house and imagine what I could wear if I were thin before eating anything bad for me.

Breakfast: porridge with honey.

Lunch: beef casserole.

Snack: Shared lush carrot cake in Pangbourne with BSS. Some Lindor.

Drinks: Tea. Mocha.

Dinner: Beef salad – see pic.

Mmmm, Easter Egg (Wednesday)

Breakfast: porridge with honey.

Lunch: Beef casserole with rice.

Drinks: Cappuccino. Chai latte. Some tango. Tea. Mocha.

Dinner: Prawn cocktail baguette.

Snacks: Some of CW’s easter egg and chocs. (First easter egg of the year as no one bought me any. Grumps.)

Alcohol: Some whisky.

Analysis: Am going to start a mood count out of 10. Will then see if eating fruit and veg & exercising helps the mood count.

Analysis 2: Need to remember the mantra: “Choose your hard.” Do you want the hard of not stuffing or the hard of being fat?

Mmm, cider (Tuesday)

Breakfast: porridge with honey.

Lunch: soft cheese and cherry tomato sandwich on seeded bread.

Drinks: Cappuccino. Hot chocolate. Chai latte.

Snacks: Nut chocolate. Mints.

Fruit: Apple.

Analysis: Had a craving for chocolate at lunchtime, but forced myself to eat an apple first.

Analysis 2: I’m going to be 10st 4 or less by Friday! Mantra. Will buy myself a new Scott Fitzgerald book if I do.

Drinks: Sheppy’s cider. Most of a Budweiser.

Dinner: Beef casserole with rice.