Febreeze (Wednesday, 10st8 – ETA Fat Duck 5th June)

Read in The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg that Febreeze was a hard sell even though it is a good product, because no one realises they’re smelly. In the end they sold it as a sweet smelling reward for housewives when they finish cleaning a room. I bought it because 1) the cats are smelly 2) to get the reward 3) I’m very susciptible to subtle marketing.

Analysis 1: I need a nice reward when I manage to not eat on a night in. Every time I manage not to eat after 8pm, I’ll put £1 in the dragon money pot. When I’ve got enough, I’ll buy some Viktor and Rolf perfume. I’m only allowed to use it when 1) I’m going out for the evening 2) on an evening when I’m drinking in and manage to go an hour without eating.

Analysis 2: Stood in the garden having breakfast. Got to see a bee nomming from a unidentified pink flower whilst I was nomming on honey as well. Need to do more of this no eating and reading.

Breakfast: porridge and honey.

Lunch: Tongue, feta, olives in an Aldi dressing.

Drinks: Lots of tea.

Dinner: Fish and veg in wraps. Sneaky extra fish.


6 lb Gain over Bank Holiday Weekend (Tuesday, 10st10, ETA 5th June)

Breakfast: Porridge with salt.

Fruit: Grapes. Banana.

Lunch: Tongue mayo sandwich.

Drinks: Milk. Coffee.

Dinner: Fish and vegetable wrap.

Analysis: Put scales by fridge when drinking at home.

Analysis 2:  Don’t eat and anything. No eating when watching TV.

Cream crackered (Friday, 10st4, ETA FD 2nd June)

Breakfast: porridge with honey.

Lunch: Tuna mayo.

Fruit: Banana.

Drinks: Lots of tea. Mocha.

Dinner: Lots of salad (including avocado) with salmon, coleslaw, chorizo and cheese.

Exercise: none – exhausted.

Analysis: Felt very tired at werk this afternoon. Got my purse to go & get pepsi and chocolate. Persuaded myself to have a cup of tea instead.

Analysis: Used chewing gum again to stop myself snacking whilst preparing dinner.

Pikey Perrier (Thursday, 10st4 1/2 – ETA Fat Duck 2nd June)

Breakfast: porridge and salt.

Analysis 1: I’ve put some mega cheap fizzy water in a my Perrier bottle. (It cost 25p for 2 litres.)

Analysis 2: I’ve got the popcorn maker in from the garage. It might be good alternative to chocolate on trollied nights in.

Lunch: Lovely spread from BSS as she’s about to go on maternity leave. Chorizo, tortilla, bread, cheese, olives and a tiny amount of red wine.

Exercise: About 15 mins walk at lunchtime and a run/walk to the nuclear silos and back.

Drinks: Cappuccino. Teas.

Fruit: Banana.

Dinner: Cherry tomatoes, brie, grated ‘Italian hard cheese’, TG’s lovely citrus dressing, cucumber.

Make-up for White Mischief (Wednesday, 10st6, ETA FD 2 June)

Breakfast: porridge with salt.

Analysis: Drank Perrier from a glass bottle last night. Had similar luxury feel to it as drinking wine. As a pikey am thinking of refilling the Perrier bottle with cheaper, plastic-bottled sparkling water.

Analysis 2: CW did a practise run of my make-up for White Mischief on Saturday. I’ve never really worn make-up. It makes me feel much better about myself.  Need to sort out a make-up trial at Debenhams soon. Feel better => nom less.

Lunch: 1 German sausage + salad.

Drinks: Americano with milk + cappuccino from werk machine. Tea. Bitter lemon.

Snacks: Banana. Mint. Some nuts.

Dinner: Brie + grated pseudo-Parmesan + salad.

Exercise: About a 1.2 mile walk/run.

The Swan at Pangbourne (Tuesday, 10st6, ETA Fat Duck 2nd June)

Breakfast: fish + salad.

Drinks: Lots of tea.

Fruit: lots of grapes. Why eat? Was grumpy as I hadn’t managed to solve a problem at work. Hid the grapes in my coat. Thought about the champers I’ll get at 10st2. Satsuma.

Lunch: fish with pasta and a poached egg at The Swan.

Nom at the Swan

Analysis 1: Eating chewing gum whilst preparing food stops me eating it. Thanks to CW for suggesting this.

Analysis 2: Am exercising whenever I go to the loo.

Exercise: Walk at Snelsmore Common.

Dinner: German sausages (thanks to B’s dad) and salad.

Eat more salad (Monday)

Breakfast: porridge with salt.

Analysis 1: still not reading and eating.

Analysis 2: Need to record why I eat.

Drinks: Lots of tea. Juice.

Lunch: Salad with egg mayo and sliced egg from the baguette shop.

Dinner: Baked salmon and trout with self-sliced salad.

Exercise: Walk at the chase.