Billy Elliot (Saturday, 10st6)

Analysis: Am amazed I only put on half a pound yesterday. Need to put the string on again today.

Analysis 2: I need to install the Fitness Pal app.

Exercise: 3 mile run in 37 minutes with an atrocious hangover.

Breakfast: 3 boiled eggs with 2 slices of buttered toast.

Drinks: Vitamin C orange. Elderflower cordial.

Reblouchon burger at Haché in Camden. Best onion rings ever (huge). Chips. Guacamole. Black coffee. Real lemonade. Smarties.

A few samples of food in Camden Market.

Chocolate frozen yoghurt with brownie toppings and smarties.

Shared fruit bowl with JF. Chai tea.

Billy Elliot has inspired me to go to the ballet. B is going to get me a ticket for my birthday.


Moar String (Friday, 10st5 1/2)

Analysis: Need to get the string/malory band out today.

Analysis 2: Once I reach 10st2, I will not try to get thinner.

Breakfast: porridge with honey.

Lunch: Tuna mayo.

Snacks: Lots of lush chocolates from The Rubbarb Tree in Pangbourne. Tiny taste of cheese. Crisps.

Alcohol: Far too much red wine, champagne and calvados.

Dinner: Rio Grande 6oz burger with chips in mayo and sauce.


Dominion (Thursday, 10st6)

Analysis1: Played Dominion for the first time in ages. Really enjoyed & didn’t fancy a drink while playing.

Analysis2: Am going to copy LD’s strategy of eating 90% of what I normally eat, e.g. 0.9 oz porridge instead of a full ounce.

Breakfast: 0.9oz oats + milk + honey.

Lunch: Aldi paste and 2 slices of bread.

Snack: Heavenly chocolate from The Rubbard Shop in Pangbourne. 2 bowls of yoghurt and honey. Tiny amount of B’s cheese, oat biscuit and sundried toms. Some of M’s lush fudge.

Dinner: Boiled eggs on two slices of very buttery toast.

Exercise: Pilates class. I tried harder than normal to get it right & enjoyed it much more.

Drinks: Lots of tea. Elderflower and grape spritze.

Alcohol: 2 glasses of whiskey.

Fruit: Apple.

Salad and Self Discipline (Wednesday, 10st5 3/4)

Analysis: Am very chuffed with being 10st5 3/4 today. I think this is due to salad and self-discipline. Having two decisions on the go works. The decision can only apply to activities in the current day. I feel the self-discipline will break down some point soon, but hopefully by then I’ll be target weight (10st2).

Analysis 2: Need to stick to the 15 minutes’ tidying per day as the state of the house yesterday added to the strops. Decision: whatever time I get in tonight, I’ll spend 15 minutes tidying.

Breakfast: porridge with honey,

Lunch: Sandwich with Aldi’s salmon paste. Very unsatisfying.

Drinks: Teas. J2O.

Fruit: Apple.

Dinner at Gaolhouse Pub in Winchester with LD: superfood wholewheat pesto pasta with peppers, tomatoes, butternut squash, soya beans, broccoli, sugar snap peas, onion, sun-dried tomatoes and chicken breast. The chicken was very tender. Wetherspoon food better than I remember it. One of LD’s onion rings. Hot chocolate.

Out of Sorts – Cheered up by Run (Tuesday, 10st7)

Analysis: It was a day of the reverse Midas touch. Major strops. Tried to cheer myself up with poetry by Kalidasa. Was about to eat a fortune cookie from the cupboard when HB arrived. I wouldn’t have gone out for a run if she hadn’t. Felt amazing and happy again afterwards.

Analysis 2: Perrier and Elderflower fizzy is a good alternative to alcohol.

Breakfast: porridge with manuka honey.

Lunch: Paté sandwich.

Fruit: Jazz apple (very nom).

Exercise: Approx 4 mile run with HB.

Snack: Krispy Kreme dreamcake – mmmm.

Drinks: Elderflower fizzy. Teas. Chai tea with lots of added honey.

Dinner: Pittas with olives, feta, spinach, mint leaves, tomatoes, cucumber, yoghurt with crushed garlic.


Tying myself up works! (Monday, 10st6 3/4)

Analysis 1: tying a string round my waist works. I’m usually at my heaviest after a weekend (e.g. 10st10). Today was only 10st6 3/4. I’m only 4 3/4 pounds off my ultimate goal of 10st2.

Analysis 2: Need to tie it whilst standing up as tying it sitting down leads to it being too loose (like now).

Breakfast: 1oz porridge with manuka honey. Will try cutting this down to 0.9oz.

Lunch: Salad with beans and a dollop of mayo.

Exercise: Walked to the library at lunchtime and to Tesco’s in the evening.

Drinks: Americano. Teas.

Fruit: Apple.

Dinner: Lots of feta salad. Slice of buttered toast.

Alcohol: Devil’s Cut Whiskey.


Pub carvery and takeout (Sunday)



Black coffee with a chocolate stick at café. Only ate half the stick due to the reminder from the string round my waist and deciding not to touch the other half until I finished my coffee.

Very tasty carvery at The Bristol Trader in Haverfordwest. Managed to leave a little bit thanks to the string.

Some Fanta.

Lots of red wine.

Lush Gurkha takeout.

Analysis: Failed to tidy the house for 15 minutes when I got back. I’ll start this habit tonight.

Analysis 2: A good tactic to delay eating is to wait until a drink is finished before eating again.