Running cheers me up (Sunday, 10st9)

Analysis 1: Felt very dejected after catching sight of my bum when in a changing room in House of Fraser. After about 5 minutes of my run I felt happy again.

Exercise: 3 miles in 35:44 minutes.

Analysis 2: Don’t buy junk noms like chocolate or donuts with a view to eating it in a controlled manner later.

Drinks: Double espresso. Lots of tea tasting in Whittard’s. Cup of tea. Milk. 1 ginger beer. Elderflower cordial.

Lunch: Burrito with steak at Mission Burrito. Very delicious and huge.

Snack: White chocolate praline Krispy Kreme. The idea was that I’d keep it to tonight to eat instead of drinking alcohol, but I was wondering what to do when I go back from Reading and ate it in a fit of indecision.

Dinner: Roast chicken + greens + gravy and fabulous Spätzle sent over by LN. Seconds.


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