Piece of String (Saturday)

Analysis: Inspired by this article, I have been wearing a piece of string from the post office for 1 1/2 days. It has served as reminder not to overindulge. I need to tie the next piece of string on more loosely though as it hurts a bit sitting down.

Analysis 2: “And you know what – I ate it all!” Eating all of a plate should be a rare and remarkable occurrence.

Cappuccino type drink.

Lovely lunch at The Falcon in Carmarthen:

Small carafe of rose.

Grilled goats cheese on ciabatta bread with balsamic dressing.

Baked loin of cod topped with herb cheddar crust and parsley butter.

Sample of bitter and of the other salad.



Large black coffee. Tiny amount of lemon muffin in Debenhams.


Soup. (Need to eat more homemade soup – carrots, potatoes, turnip etc.)

Lovely pie with salad & spuds etc.

Berry cheesecake with crème fraiche.

2 1/4 mile walk.

Glass of Paddy’s whiskey.


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