Tying myself up works! (Monday, 10st6 3/4)

Analysis 1: tying a string round my waist works. I’m usually at my heaviest after a weekend (e.g. 10st10). Today was only 10st6 3/4. I’m only 4 3/4 pounds off my ultimate goal of 10st2.

Analysis 2: Need to tie it whilst standing up as tying it sitting down leads to it being too loose (like now).

Breakfast: 1oz porridge with manuka honey. Will try cutting this down to 0.9oz.

Lunch: Salad with beans and a dollop of mayo.

Exercise: Walked to the library at lunchtime and to Tesco’s in the evening.

Drinks: Americano. Teas.

Fruit: Apple.

Dinner: Lots of feta salad. Slice of buttered toast.

Alcohol: Devil’s Cut Whiskey.



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