Dominion (Thursday, 10st6)

Analysis1: Played Dominion for the first time in ages. Really enjoyed & didn’t fancy a drink while playing.

Analysis2: Am going to copy LD’s strategy of eating 90% of what I normally eat, e.g. 0.9 oz porridge instead of a full ounce.

Breakfast: 0.9oz oats + milk + honey.

Lunch: Aldi paste and 2 slices of bread.

Snack: Heavenly chocolate from The Rubbard Shop in Pangbourne. 2 bowls of yoghurt and honey. Tiny amount of B’s cheese, oat biscuit and sundried toms. Some of M’s lush fudge.

Dinner: Boiled eggs on two slices of very buttery toast.

Exercise: Pilates class. I tried harder than normal to get it right & enjoyed it much more.

Drinks: Lots of tea. Elderflower and grape spritze.

Alcohol: 2 glasses of whiskey.

Fruit: Apple.


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