New baby (Wednesday, 10st7)

Best moment of the day: Seeing how well BSS looks after having her first baby.

German word: Stände (classes).

Breakfast: porridge with ginger curd.

Lunch: Ham sandwich on brown bread with butter.

Snacks: Some crumbs of the choc cake.

Drinks: 3 black coffees.

Walk: to library and back (1.2 miles in total).

At B’s place: 2 biscuits, cup of tea, fruit juice.

Dinner: Spätzle in creamy sauce with pork and mangetouts.

Analysis 1: No seconds => slim

Analysis 2: Need to find out where I can get Marrakesh Joplin jeans in London. Nice jeans => happier => less likely to overnom.

Fruit: Apple.


The Hour (Tuesday, 10st7 1/2)

Best moment of the day: evening with B finishing off The Hour.

German word of day: Auslöser (triggers). Als Auslöser des Krieges gilt der Aufstand der böhmischen Stände und der Zweite Prager Fenstersturz vom 23. Mai 1618.  The triggers of the were the uprising of the Czechs and the second Prague defenestration.

Breakfast: porridge with ginger curd.

Lunch: Ham sandwich on brown bread with butter.

Drinks: 2 coffees. 1 tea.

Exercise: about 20 minute walk at lunchtime.

Snacks: 2 mini choc rolls. Mini shortbread. 2 mini choc rice crispies. Some of CW’s choc bar. Half a snickers.

Fruit: Apple.

Dinner: Lovely Schwäbische Spätzle (noodles) with pork and mangetout creamy sauce.

Analysis: 1 snack per day!

Analysis 2: No spirits till 2014. Max 28 units per week (avoid the fate of Anthony Burgess’ first wife, Lynne.)

Parking Ticket (Monday, 10st10)

German word of the day: Gänseblümchen (literally small goose flower) = daisy. This is hilarious: How German Sounds Compared to other Languages.

I parked in the wrong half of the Zinzan Street in Reading to pick up my new glasses and got a £35 fine. Was hopping mad with myself as I sensed there was something weird about the sign, but didn’t act on it by parking in the perfectly decent car park not far from the opticians. Was angry with myself for being so angry as new boy has lent me a book on being zen. Not sure whether to contest it or not.

Best moment of the day: B going halves with me on my ticket + looking nice in my new glasses.

Analysis 1: Wearing best bra ever meant I didn’t eat myself insensible over the parking ticket anger.

Analysis 2: If I stick to everything on the Daily Mail page of my blog from now on, I’ll get myself a bottle of Louis Roederer from Waitrose on 8th August.

Breakfast: porridge with ginger curd.

Lunch: Sandwich with ginger curd.

Drinks: 2 Americanos (no milk). Starbucks small latte.

Snack: Choc biscuit bear from Sainsburys (not eaten it all yet).

Fruit: Apple.

Dinner: Slice of ham. 2 boiled eggs with 2 slices of very buttery toast.

Chanel (Tuesday, 10st7)

Best moment of day: applied Chanel makeup. The main motive is to high my rosacea (red nose – due to too much drinking?), but the added bonus is that it hides the shadows under my eyes too.

Analysis:  I need to wear makeup! Look good => feel happier => eat less.

Analysis 2: Raspberries in Greek yoghurt drizzled with manuka honey make me happy.

German word of day: Sprössling (offspring, offshoot, sprog).

Breakfast: see analysis 2.

Lunch: About 150 calories of sliced chicken.

Fruit: Apple. Moar raspberries.

Drinks: Two Americanos.

Exercise: Walked to canal at lunchtime. Walked to common and later to the pillar box.

Dinner: Dover sole in lemon and parsley sauce with new potatoes and mangetouts.