Food Festival and Rocky Horror (Saturday)

Exercise: 3 mile run round a lake in Cardiff with JF.

Squash. Juice. Bacon and fried egg sandwich. Tea.

Double espresso.

Lots of lovely food, drink and alcohol at the food festival. Gwatkins perry cider.

Champagne. More food.

Lager. Wine. Whisky. Vodka and red bull (very refreshing). Maltesers.

Can’t remember everything I ate/drank.

Analysis 1: I’m not going to drink spirits until 2014.

Analysis 2: I’m hoping to do the park run in Newbury next Saturday.

Best moment: compliments about my Rocky Horror dress.

German word:¬†somatischen Erkrankungen. Physical illnesses. (I didn’t know the English word somatic until today.)



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