Good comedians (Monday, 10st11)

Best moment of day: watching Russell Howards’ pick of comedians. Liked Bobby Mair, Mark Cooper-Jones, Luke Toulson ( a non-drinker) and Lou Saunders (funny story about wotsits).

Breakfast: porridge with honey.

Lunch: remainder of meats from Cardiff Food Festival (about 4oz) with pack of oat cakes (about 6).

Drinks: Teas. Espresso.

Dinner: 2 reblochon burgers with salad. (made by me).

Fruit: Berries with creme fraiche and honey.

Analysis: Should not just eat stuff because it’s about to go off. Should just buy less. (Should never be guilted into eating.)

Analysis 2: Need to look back on last month off the booze (Nov 2012) to see if I actually lost weight => motivating.

German word of day: erlesen (distinguished or vintage). Can be applied to Sekt (champers).



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