75m Outdoor Pool (Wednesday, 10st9)

Best moment of day: Swim in Northcroft outdoor pool (closes at 7pm on weekdays). Forgotten how much I like swimming.

German word of day: Spiegeltrinker – literally a mirror or level drinker. Someone who must maintain a certain level of alcohol in their bloodstream – a chronic alcoholic.

Analysis:  When I’m back on the booze, I should drink just one drink PER HOUR.

Analysis 2: I should leave work at 5.30pm more often, so I can use the outdoor pool.

Breakfast: 0.9 oz oats with salt and too much milk.

Lunch: Reblochon and cucumber.

Drinks: Coffee. Tea. Juice.

Fruit: Cherries, raspberries, strawberries, blueberries.

Exercise: 450m of outdoor pool.

Dinner: Haloumi and veg fajitas. Some of B’s lachs fajita.



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