Stung on the Head (Sunday, 10st 7 1/2)

Felt something like a stone in my hair whilst swimming in the lido. Knocked a bee out of my hair. Considered picking it up with my hands from the water. Instead borrowed a child’s swim woggle to pick it up and chuck it out. My head stung for about half a length (30m or so) afterwards.

Best moment of the day: B going halves on my Pudding wares.

Exercise: 750m of Lido.

German word of day: mit ersten Wehen – at first pains (contractions). Thronfolger (heir to the throne – literally throne follower).

Analysis: Max two bites ever of someone else’s noms.

Analysis 2: When worried about a new task, I should list the next 5 things I have to do.

Lots of dates.

Raspberries, 0% Greek yoghurt, manuka honey (nom nom nom).

Tiny nibble on last night’s pasta leftover as afraid about getting on with a task (that proved to be very easy and fun).

Jacobs Krönung XL coffee (Tassimo).

Chai Lemongrass (Tassimo).


Last night’s pasta.

Some of the night before’s rice.

2 corns from KFC.

Some of B’s KFC chips and chicken.

Hot choc (Tassimo).



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