Chanel (Tuesday, 10st7)

Best moment of day: applied Chanel makeup. The main motive is to high my rosacea (red nose – due to too much drinking?), but the added bonus is that it hides the shadows under my eyes too.

Analysis:  I need to wear makeup! Look good => feel happier => eat less.

Analysis 2: Raspberries in Greek yoghurt drizzled with manuka honey make me happy.

German word of day: Sprössling (offspring, offshoot, sprog).

Breakfast: see analysis 2.

Lunch: About 150 calories of sliced chicken.

Fruit: Apple. Moar raspberries.

Drinks: Two Americanos.

Exercise: Walked to canal at lunchtime. Walked to common and later to the pillar box.

Dinner: Dover sole in lemon and parsley sauce with new potatoes and mangetouts.


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