Alcohol is not my friend (Friday, 17.5 units this week)

Yesterday I had the following:

5.1 units of Stowford Press.

About 5 glasses of champagne: 7.5 units.

Glass of white wine:  2.5 units.

Glass of Sauternes: Approx 2.5 units.

This is about 17.5 units so far this week. I’ve got about 10 units left as I’ve limited myself to 28 units per week.

I feel really unhappy today and guilty about being mean to B when totally out of it.

Analysis 1: From now on I’m going to have only one glass of alcohol (approx 3 units per hour).

Analysis 2. I’m going to update my Challenge page with 2 more items. I’m going to put the list in an envelope and carry it round in my handbag. If I stick to it until 6th Sept, I’ll spend £40 on anything I like (champagne if I’ve forgiven it) or some new lingerie from Pudding in Reading.

Best moment of day: Enjoying new series ‘Orange is the New Black’ about a fairly normal girl going to prison.

German word of the day: Unsere Speisekarte strotzt vor frischem Fisch. Our menu abounds with fresh fish. (Alt Helgoländer Fischerstube in Hamburg.)

Drinks: 3 teas. Lots of Ribena.

Lunch: Massive lamb kebab.

Exercise: Jog/walk into town and back.

Fruit: Apple.

Dinner: Soup. Omelette with salad and relish.


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