Avocado plant is alive (Monday, 3 units, 10st7 3/4)

Best moment of the day: my colleague sent me a photo suggesting the office avocado plant had withered, but it’s fine.

German word: betagt (geriatric, advanced in years).

Breakfast: porridge with lemon curd.

Lunch: 2 boiled eggs.

Drinks: Coffees. Lots of teas.

Fruit: Apple.

Snacks: 2 biscuits.

Dinner: stir-fried lamb and rice.

Alcohol: 3 units of beer (a bottle of Becks Vier and a Staropramen).

Exercise: walk to library and back (20 mins).

Analysis: It was good I had no seconds and only one small treat (the two little biscuits).

Analysis 2: far too much caffeine => can’t sleep => tired => over-eat for energy.


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