Cleaning the fridge (Tuesday, 10st 6 1/4, units 3)

Best moment of the day: weighing less this morning + the satisfaction of now having a clean fridge.

Analysis: need to buy a freezer with drawers and jettison the rubbish chest freezer. Might then be able to find meat for sandwiches.

Analysis 2: need to eat probiotic yoghurt, more fruit and veg + oily fish (the fish will help with memory and decision making).

German word of day: vertrieben (distribute). Btw Staropramen means ‘old spring/well’.

Breakfast: porridge with honey.

Lunch: Tin of sardines + packet of oat cakes.

Drinks: A small latte. An Americano. A few teas. Pomegranate mollasses + lemonade + soda water. Lemonade.

Snack: Overpriced chocolate cake from Pangbourne (should have gone to The Rubbard Tree and bought salted caramels). Some lemon curd from the jar as feeling tired.

Dinner: Stir-fried veg + rice + 2 pork chops.

Exercise: walked to Newbury Sainsbury’s and back. Read magazine about the joys of probiotic yoghurt. Approx 28 mins.


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