Watch arrived (Wednesday, 10st 6 1/4. 10.5 units)

Best moment of the day: Nando’s with B and L.

German word of the day: der Gaumen (the palate).

Breakfast: porridge with salt.

Lunch: Ham sandwich with picallili.

Drinks: Coffees. Tea.

Snack: Some of M’s Eccles cake. Small slice of custard tart at work. 1.5 ‘Naughty Natas’ (custard tarts) at Nando’s.

Fruit: apple.

Dinner: Chicken wrap and sweet potato. Some of B’s and L’s half chickens.

Alcohol: Some Stormhoek Pinot Grigio at Nando’s (approx 4.5 units). Half a Stowford Press cider (approx 1.3 units) + bottle of Grolsch (1.65 units). About 7.5 units in total.

Analysis: my watch has arrived. Drinking just one drink every hour is hard work. I feel I’m developing a new muscle or skill.

Analysis 2: I should only have had one custard tart at Nando’s.

Exercise: Approx 30 minute walk at lunchtime.



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