No more just going through the motions (Wednesday, 10st7 1/2, units 21.6)

Analysis: I haven’t been committed to getting to 10st2 for a while. I need to achieve one major thing in life at a time and my current thing is to get to goal weight. I shouldn’t feel guilty about having such a frivolous aim. My mantra is “I’m going to be 10st2 before my holiday in September”.

Analysis 2: I need to find out where Park Run starts on Saturday morning.

Best moments:

Monday: drinking champers, eating steak in mushroom sauce and watching the end of Orange is the New Black.

Tuesday: successfully giving blood (got turned away on Monday as blood came out too slowly).

Wednesday: the thought of cider in Nando’s tonight 🙂

German words:

Monday: Rucola – rocket salad.

Tuesday: Wachtelei – quail’s egg.

Wednesday: Pfifferlinge – chanterellles.

Exercise: walking to the library. Walked to Nando’s and back.

Breakfast: porridge with honey.

Lunch: Approx 4oz Ox tongue.

Drinks: 2 black coffees.

Dinner: Haloumi wrap. Shared nuts and olives. Sweet potato mash.

Alcohol: 2 Brahms beers at Nando’s (2.8 units). Pint of Aspell’s (3.1units). Bottle of Grolsch (1.7). Total:  7.6 units.

Snack: Bite of Special K bar.


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