Chilli’s (Monday, 9 units)

Exercise: 40 minutes run/walk.

Orange juice.

Scrambled egg and bacon roll.


Wasabi peas.



About 9 units of white wine.

Trip to Chilli’s in Newbury. Lush aubergine curry and fabulous naan bread. Some of everyone else’s.

Analysis 1: Need an entire fruit bowl of grapes when have friends over.

Analysis 2: Mantra: “I’m going to be 10st2 by 12th September!”

Best moment of the day: the high after my first glass of white wine.

German word of the day: die Dosennahrung (tinned food) – used to describe poor quality nosh on TripAdvisor. Eichhörnchen is squirrel and Streifenhörnchen is chipmunk.


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