mein Koblenz – traditionelle Küche neu entdeckt! (Friday 13th Sept. 11 units).

Didn’t eat till about 1pm. Starving. Had a lush enormous sausage with a little bread and mustard. Milchkaffee.

2 fruit gums. Tiny selection of haribo-style sweets (free at hotel).

Dinner at mein Koblenz. Heavenly  Rüdiger Kröber Riesling from Winnigen. About 500ml (about 5.5 units?).

Free bread and fish paste (very nom).

Flammkuchen (thin pancake-like pizza) – „Mein Koblenz“ mit Speck, Zwiebeln, Frühlingslauch und Käse.

Tiny beer back at the hotel.




Analysis 1: Need to do quick exercises where I can. A tiny amount is better than nothing.

Analysis 2: need to read my blog from my American holiday for tips about not getting fat on holiday!



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