New Year’s Resolution

I’m going to drink only two days per week in 2014.

I was giving blood the other night and feeling so appreciative of my health. I want to preserve it.

Other advantages:

  • weight loss
  • more money to spend on clothes, books and holidays
  • better memory
  • better skin
  • less likely to die of an alcohol-related disease
  • happier in the mornings (fewer hangovers)
  • more energy
  • better at work
  • getting more done (tidier house – new bathroom)

I was thinking of fining myself if I fail (£20 to charity) but I’m going to try just sticking to this resolution. I did pretty much a whole month off booze in 2013. I can do this 2 nights per week thing.


New plan

The new plan is 30 minutes’ exercise per day and no more than one alcoholic drink per hour until 2014.

Reward: £40 bottle of alcohol to come out of January’s budget.

Penalty for failure: £20 to charity.

Advantages of plan:

  • no embarrassing trollied moments
  • no drunken nastiness
  • no hangover (or not much)
  • lose weight
  • manage to give blood on 30th Dec due to being healthier
  • less risk of cancer (excessive drinking can cause it)
  • better memory (when hungover I can’t remember 20 seconds ago. Nice castle.)

Offering to Ambrosia

About 2 minutes after writing about only eating until 80% full, I was downstairs stuffing again.

The new plan for Xmas:

1. Exercise for at least 30 minutes per day.

2. Decide on a portion of food in advance. Leave a small amount as an offering to the gods – e.g. Ambrosia. (Ken always does this and remains slender despite doing no exercise.)

3. Eat meat every day (need my haemoglobin levels up, so I can give blood on 30th Dec).

If I stick to this until 31st December, then I’ll buy myself a £40 bottle of booze for New Years (this will go onto Jan’s budget as I’ve overspent this month).