Tunnock’s (Thursday)

Comment 1: 1.5 Mackerel is enough for brekker. 2 is excessive.

Comment 2. Do not buy Tunnock’s products ever again. They are too nom.

Breakfast: 2 mackerels.

Lunch: About 4oz ham.

Drinks: Teas.

Fruit: Banana.

Snack: Tunnock’s caramel wafer.

Exercise: Workout 1 from Fat Shred. Starting to enjoy some of it.

Evening drinks: Elderflower cordial + sparkling water.

More snacks: Packet of salt and vinegar crisps. Some of Ben’s crisps. Some ham whilst preparing tomorrow’s food.


Practically Teetotal? (Wednesday)

My doctor said to be healthy I should drink no more than one bottle of wine per week. This would make me practically teetotal. (Origin of teetotal – an emphatic ‘total’ – i.e. the ‘t’ is emphasized. First used by Richard Turner in 1833.)

Comment 1: From this point forth I am going to stick to one decision at a time (unless good sense says it’s unreasonable).

Comment 2: On Saturday I need to buy new clothes and new lingerie. This will raise morale and help with the slimming efforts.

Breakfast: Mackerel.

Lunch: Ham.

Drinks: 2 or 3 teas. Lush latte.

Dinner: SpagBol sans fromage.

Exercise: First workout in Jillian Michael’s six pack DVD. Exhausting. Can’t yet do the sideways plank. Took about 35 minutes.

Fruit: Banana. Some fresh mango.

Evening drinks: can of ginger beer.

Didn’t want to exercise …

Comment 1: Failed to get any books from audible yesterday as it’s too expensive – about £8 per month. The plan is to get lots of free librivox books to help me sleep and maybe get some from library. Felt so tired this morning that I didn’t want to exercise, but cheered up once I warmed up a bit.

Comment 2: Am having more than one treat per day! Need to chew gum whilst preparing the next day’s lunch.

Breakfast: Some stuffed vine leaves. Porridge with honey.

Lunch: About 4oz ham + stuffed vine leaves.

Exercise: Jillian Michael’s Fat Shred level 1.

Drinks: 1 coffee. 1 tea.

Snack: Tunnock’s tea cake.

Fruit: Banana.

Dinner: SpagBol.

Alcohol: Almost an entire bottle of white wine – approx 9 units.

More snacks: 1.5 Tunnock’s caramel wafers.

First day of Dom Pérignon challenge

Exercise: I did Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred workout 1. It takes about 25 minutes.

Breakfast: tinned herring in mustard sauce from Aldi. Checked the calories solely for the purposes of this blog. OMG – 430 kcal.

Lunch: About 5.5 oz feta + cherry tomatoes + olive oil and black pepper.

Drinks: Cup of tea with milk. Can of ginger beer. Elderflower cordial and sparkling water.

Comment 1: I’m struggling to get to bed at a decent time. I think this is psychological. Am going to try lure myself there with better audio books. I’m hoping to get hold of Jenny Downham’s book Before I Die. I watched the film it inspired, Now is Good, yesterday. I can’t stop thinking about it, so would like more details.

Comment 2: As the fish cans are massively high in calories, I’ll try to get a beef or ham joint over the next few days and eat some of that for both breakfast and lunch. I’d like to get my iron levels up.

Dinner: Pork baguette with salad and mustard.

Fruit: Banana.

Snacks: Some of the ham and stuffed vine leaves for tomorrow’s lunch.

Really fancy a drink …

but am not going to drink today as I don’t want to run out of drinking nights this week.

Advantages of only drinking two nights per week:

  • can afford to splash out on slightly nicer bottles (though Berrys’ Own Selection Mosel Riesling Kabinett is not expensive and amazing).
  • will enjoy the drink more when I do drink