No eating after 8.30pm

Comment 1: No food after 8pm or £1 fine.

Comment 2: No more fines for a few weeks. Current fines if:

  • not in bed by 11.15 pm
  • no FlyLady new suggestion carried out
  • food after 8.30pm

Raymond Blanc suggests that eating after 7pm makes you fat. It will be a struggle eating by 7pm, so I’m going to go for 8.30pm. I’m hoping that the unintended consequence isn’t that I stuff myself silly just before the deadline.

Breakfast: porridge with salt (much nicer and more filling that with honey).

Lunch: Ham with tomatoes.

Drinks: Tea.

Exercise: Level 1 Fat Shredder.

Afternoon at work: Sainsbury’s soft cookie – mmmmmmm. Banana.

Evening drinks: Several large gin and tonics with lime.

Evening food: Chilli Con Carne with rice and sour cream – eaten after 8.30pm.



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