Tired and stressy (Wednesday)

Exercise: none. Didn’t sleep well enough to get up early.

Comment 1: However tired I am, I should always exercise before work. Otherwise the exercise just doesn’t happen. (Far too tired to do it now.) I might feel tired due to getting up early, but I’m 99% sure I’ll be less stressy during the day.

Comment 2: It’s getting to the stage where it makes very little sense to drink on a work night. I had a lovely night with the Jeeper last night, but a much harder day at work. I could drink so much more and not feel it in my twenties….

Breakfast: Lunch tongue.

Lunch: Small quiche.

Snacks: Pistachios. Small roll with cheddar. 2 scampi fries.

Drinks: Tea. Bottle of coke. Can of ginger beer.

Fruit: Banana. Mango.

Dinner: Fish, sauteed potatoes, greens. Tomato sauce.SAMSUNG


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