Working late … no time for exercise! (Wednesday)

Comment: I need to exercise before work as tonight I didn’t leave work till about 7.10pm, so now I don’t have time. (Need to watch TV and drink red wine instead.)

Comment 2: I need to stop eating seconds. A cunning plan is to buy some after-dinner chocolate mints as this will clean the palate and hopefully stop me wanting more food. I need to be careful not to stuff down the whole lot …

Brekker: Porridge with honey.

Drinks: Several teas. 1 small Starbucks latte.

Lunch: Ham mayo sandwich. Far too large. 1 slice of bread should be enough for lunch.

Fruit: Banana.

Dinner: Stew as last night with rice.

Alcohol: Half a bottle of red wine. About half a glass of gin and tonic.

Snack: Tunnock’s wafer.


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