New caveat for challenge

I need to do 20 minutes’ housework per day (unless I spend a night away from home) if I want to have Dom Perignon on my birthday. If I miss a day, I can catch up later, but it’s not a good idea to let lots accumulate.

Been busy tidying the house ready for the tiler to start tomorrow – will blog about sushi and afternoon tea at Harrods soon.



1km in less than 30 minutes (Friday, 10st11 1/4)

Comment: Swimming is so relaxing and dementalising. I wish I’d joined it years ago. Swam 40 lengths in just under 30 minutes. The last length was very fast. This suggests I was ‘phoning it in’ for the other lengths.

Comment 2: Didn’t read at all today when I had my lunch and later my apple at work. Heard a colleague talking to someone and was impressed as I’d underestimated him. Being less glued to the screen is making me more observant.

FlyLady: Declutter for 15 minutes per day. Not done.

Breakfast: Porridge with honey and seeds.

Lunch: Honey roast ham.

Fruit: Apple.

Drinks: Coffee. Latte at pub.

Snacks: 3 champagne truffles. Chilli rice crackers? Some cheesy chips + mayo at the pub.

Dinner: Honey roast ham. 2 slices of buttered toast with 2 boiled eggs.

Joined a gym. (Thursday: 10st10)

Comment 1: joined a gym for the first time in  about 10 years. My knees were twingy again, so have realised that jogging isn’t for me. I am quite heavy and lumbering on my feet. Enjoyed my swim very much – swan 1 km in about 30 minutes.

Comment 2: No more eating and reading ever. Reading is escapism. If my mind is somewhere else, I can’t actually be fully appreciating the nomification. (For some reason I love reading and eating – need to break this habit if I want to be thin.)

FlyLady: Grab a feather duster or purple rag and go after the tops of door jambs, tops of pictures, molding, windows, corners of the ceiling and the tops of your curtains. It is amazing at what gathers higher up!  Not done.

Breakfast: Porridge with honey and seeds.

Lunch: 3 rolls – 1 egg and 2 brie. Orange juice.

Fruit: Some slices of pineapple. A few raspberries. Slice of melon. Apple.

Drinks: Coffees.

Snacks: Chilli rice crackers. 2 fingers of KitKat.

Dinner: Pasta with ham, mange-touts, mushrooms and cream.

First Drinking Night for a Week! (Wednesday, 10st10.45)

Exercise: None. Was up late last night with B watching Vikings. Was chuffed to spot that Jessalyn Gilsig (Earl Haraldson’s wife) was also the nutter in Nip/Tuck.

Breakfast: Porridge with honey and seeds.

Lunch: Ham sandwich.

Drinks: Tea. Coffee.

Alcohol: Lovely rum at J&C’s. Bottle of South African white (Mount Rozier Savignon Blanc – Laithwaites. Strongly recommend it.) More rum.

Fruit: Apple.

Snack: Lidl choco peanut bar. A few chilli rice crackers. Some champagne truffles.

Dinner: Boiled eggs and buttered toast. Entire part-baked baguette smothered in Nutella.

Comment 1: Weighing daily is depressing but definitely a way to put a break on the stuffing.

Comment 2: Took last pair of black trousers back as fell apart. Need to buy a new pair soon.

FlyLady:  Weekly home blessing (not done yet):

Polish Mirrors and Doors
Purge magazines
Change Sheets
Empty all trash

Hair dresser (Tuesday: 10st11)

Run before work. Really enjoyed.

Comment 1: Get a buzz from running. Sod it whether I lose weight or not.

Comment 2: Was chuffed I only had a bite of B’s choc rather than a full bar.

Breakfast: Porridge with seeds and honey.

Lunch: Honey roast ham.

Drinks: Tea. Coffee. Lots of salted hot choc.

Dinner: 2 boiled eggs + buttered toast.

Dessert: Remains of Tirimasu cake. Also small amount of grim dessert from Lidl.

Fruit: Apple?

Snacks: 2 or 3 polos.

Evening: Crisps.


  • Recognizing the negative voices when you hear them and changing the words to be nice to you. That is what FLYing (Finally Loving Yourself) is all about. I’m still quite negative about myself. Need to sort this out.



Back to daily weigh-in (Monday: 10st 11 1/4)

Comment 1: Everything I’ve done to motivate myself to stuff less has failed so I’m back to the daily weigh-in. I know this won’t reflect any real weight loss, but it will show up the sheer volume of a stuffing day. (I’ll have a week off per month.)

Comment 2: Again failed to exercise before work as stayed up late watching Vikings. Need to go to bed for 11.15am.

FlyLady: Focus on yourself before going to bed, e.g. bubble bath. About to do this.

Breakfast: Porridge with seeds and honey.

Lunch: Almost 2 beef Frankenfurters (CostCo – top nom).

Snacks: Polos. After Eights. Champagne truffle.

Fruit: Blueberries.

Drinks: Teas. Coffees. Ribena.

Dinner: Entire part-baked baguette with lots and lots of CostCo honey roast ham.

Exercise: Did Mr Motivator’s Upper Body Conditioning routine (8 minutes) twice. Couldn’t run as knee sore.

Bathroom Accessories (Sunday)

Spent ages shopping for bathroom accessories – it’s much harder than I thought. Very chuffed with lush telescopic mirror.



Hot dog sausage in baguette.

Champagne truffle.

After Eights.

Everton mint.

Meal at The Swan (see pic).

Pint of lemonade and lime.


Root beer.

Tirimasu cake.

Exercise: none.

Comment: Stop thinking “I’ve exercised a lot lately and let other things slip.” Should always do exercise first and get it out of the way. Exercise should wake me up and help everything else to run smoother. Also feel less guilty when have got it done.

Comment 2: I should snack on veg when stressed rather than blueberries. Only just found out that sugar in blueberries and other fruit is bad. It’s obviously better than the same weight of chocolate though.

FlyLady: Sort out before bed routines. Need to do this.