Jog to Waterstones then Sainsburys.

Cheese sample in Sainsburys.

Ginger Beer x 2 (one when waking up hungover in the night).


Bacon rolls x 2.

Some of last night’s Chinese.



Pork, mayo and horseradish baguette.


Lots of matchsticks.

Comment: I’d like to get into video games as I feel I’m missing out. It terrifies me though due to bad experiences in the past – being very bored or being kift.  In the end I had fun playing the Sherlock Holmes game. I need to try to put off eating when stressed. When I’m happy I should try not to eat a lot as I need the spare calories for when I’m stressed.

Comment 2: Need to top my mp3 player up every day with new audio books. This is the best way to get a good night’s sleep. Sleep => less tired => less eating for energy.



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