Coffee#1 & Trousers (Saturday)

Went to a lovely café called Coffee#1 in Carmarthen. The nearest one in this chain to Newbury seem to be Cirencester.

Comment: my mum bought me some fab trousers from Phase Eight. They are slightly tight, so I’m motivated to eat less to stay looking good in them. I think it’s far better psychologically to want to maintain weight than lose weight. Losing weight is something that can happen tomorrow.

Comment 2: If I’m 10st 8 3/4 or less by next Friday, I’m going to buy myself a new sports bra. (At some point I also need some decent exercise clothes.)

Milky Coffee.

One drip coffee from Coffee#1.

Lunch at the falcoln: Liver pate followed by salmon with veg.

Dinner: Soup with crème fraiche followed by sausages etc for supper (photo to follow). Eton Mess.

Exercise: 30 min run/walk followed by another walk.

Alcohol: Small carafe of white wine for lunch. Most of a lush bottle of South African white from Laithwaites. A triple brandy at the Torch Theatre.


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