Two minutes eating … without reading anything. (Wednesday)

Comment 1: finally managed to wait 2 minutes at the start of a meal without reading. I listened to the radio instead and eyed my plate and realised that it was far too full. Actually ended up putting some back in the fridge – an unprecedented achievement.

Comment 2: Bribed myself to stop drinking last night by promising myself porridge with nutella. Need to plan how to not get drunk and nasty when I go out with my colleagues on Friday. Current plan is 1 gin and tonic per hour.

Breakfast: Porridge with nutella.

Drinks: Tea. Instant coffee. Mango juice and sparkling water. Ribena and sparkling water.

Snacks: Small biscuit given to me by the cafe.

Lunch: Pastrami and mayo sandwich.

Fruit: Banana.

Exercise: Ran home from Lidl.

Dinner: Coleslaw and a massive hotdog.



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