Leaving Do (Friday)

Comment 1: This evening I’m ONLY going to drink beer. I don’t like beer, so I won’t drink it very fast. The idea is not to get too inebriated with colleagues and drone on or insult anyone. If I stick to this, I’ll get a bottle of Laithwaites Champers on Tuesday night + Franny and Zooey by Salinger + Bell Jar by Slyvia Plath + An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth by Chris Hadfield. If I mess up and drink Tequilla, I’ll end up not reading these books till I’m 50 and it’s too late…

Comment 2:  Need to prepare food for work the night before, so I have time to chop veg and fruit!

FlyLady suggestion:  Spend 2 minutes clearing a hot spot – e.g. the magazine rack that contains the post. (Not done.)

Breakfast: Porridge with honey. Small amount of muesli without milk.

Lunch: Pastrami sandwich with mayo.

Drinks: Coffee. 2 pints of lemonade and lime.

Alcohol: 250ml rosé at lunch time. Glass of Laithwaites champagne.

Snacks: Rocky road mini choc. 2 other chocs.

Exercise: Fast walking to station in the morning.

Note: 10st10 today so don’t qualify for new sports bra.


  • Pint of bitter in the Crown.
  • Pilsner in All Bar One (very tempted by all the lush bottles of wine on display)
  • 12 inch burrito from Mission Burrito. Bottle of Corona.
  • Bitter at Browns
  • Revolution: Bottle of beer. Two shots of flavoured vodka.
  • Yates – Downes beer followed by Hendricks and Tonic x 2
  • After Dark – vodka and red bull
  • A few polos

(Not sure if I’ve remembered everything …)


Back at home: Salted caramel on baguette.


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