How to be a Heroine (Saturday)

I can’t put this book down: How to be a Heroine. There are so many books I now need to read: Wuthering Heights, Franny and Zooey, A Room with a View, South Riding.

Comment: Promising myself I’d get new novels if I stuck to bitter last night worked for the first few hours, then my resolution went out the window. My thought was: “Sod it, I’ll buy the books anyway.” Today I fell ill-inclined to treat myself to the 3 new books, but I did manage to pick up The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath at the library. I need to try to control my drinking next time by promising myself really expensive! (Btw – I used to hate bitter, but some of it last night was quoffable.)

Comment 2: I need to chop up my sharon fruit when I finish blobbing today – otherwise I’ll end up eating chocolate whilst watching Argo tonight.

Run/walked to town and back.

Lush chocolate muffin from Lidl. Need moar!

Mango juice.

Buttered baguette.

Stilton and walnuts.

Meat salad from Lidl (very tasty).

Cherry tomatoes.




Roll mop.

Teas. Coffee.

Packet of scampi fries.

FlyLady suggestion: 27 item spring boogie. Chucked away 27 things that I’m not going to need anymore. This works well as it makes me aware of stuff around me and makes me think about its position. (Noticed that we do have some cans of tuna left – I thought we were out.)



Dinner: Chicken roast (see picture).

Drinks: Can of ginger beer. Ribena with sparkling water.

Small creme caramel from Lidl (insipid).

Approx 3 sharon fruit.

1 Tunnock’s.


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