The Bell Jar (Sunday)

Am reading The Bell Jar after realising from How to be a Heroine that Sylvia Path isn’t all misery.

Comment 1: Will buy Chris Hadfield’s astronaut book if 10st 9 3/4 or less next Friday morning.

Comment 2: I’m going to be thin! I’m going to be 10st 2 or less by the time J & I go to see Miss Saigon in July! Need to repeat this mantra.

FlyLady: Shined sink.

Coffee. Tea. Blueberries.

Lunch: Baguette (part-baked from Lidl – v tasty) with butter. Chicken. Ham. Mayo. Mini tomatoes. Stilton and walnut. Hummus?

Mister Choco Peanut (Lidl). Tunnock’s bar.


Grapefruit. Am convinced grapefruit’s have magic slimming properties. Certainly feel full and satisfied after it.

Short walk in Bowden wood.

Ribena and sparkling water.

Small amount of Twix.

Nutella on baguette.

2 items of liquorice. 

Entire baguette (part baked from Lidl) with 2 egg mayo.

Apricot juice.


Vitamin tablet.

Lush salted hot chocolate.


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