Shattered (Wednesday)

Am shattered after the late night at work yesterday.

Comment 1: I should have left early today so I could get a run in. (A run might have helped me to feel better.)

Comment 2: I was very good at lunchtime – stuck to my resolve to eat only 4 slices of pizza.

FlyLady: Put stuff in the living room away before going to bed. Not done today.

Breakfast: Porridge with seeds and honey – lie on the floor legs in the air delicious.

Lunch: 4 slices of Texas BBQ pizza.



Snacks: Polos.

Fruit: Melon. Blueberries.

Drinks: Latte. Coffees. Tea.

Darn – decisions don’t work. For weeks I’ve been trying to hold onto one decision at a time. Tonight I realised this strategy is wrong. If I’m going to have a break at 11am, I need to have a break at that point because it is the right thing to do. Not because I have a decision to stick to. I know it’s not possible to stick to decisions whilst drunk, but sod it – no more decisions whilst sober….

Tonight: cold spread of chicken, paté, tomatoes, Indian pickle, stilton, buttered baguette.

About 4 chocolate Marchmallows. Fake Tunnock’s bar. Mister Choco Peanut Bar.

About half a bottle of champagne. Whisky.


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