DacPacs (Thursday)

Am having fun at work with DacPacs. It’s an easier way to make lots of changes to a database. You get a neat little data package to deploy instead of pages and pages of SQL.

Breakfast: Porridge with honey and seeds.

Lunch: Ham mayo sandwich.

Fruit: Banana.

Drinks: Bottle of coca cola. Teas. Coffees. Ribena with sparkling water.

Snacks: Fake purple quality street from Aldi.

Dinner: Part-baked baguette with sausage, onions and mustard.

Exercise: none.

Comment: exercise after work rarely happens. If at all possible I need to do it BEFORE work – even if I’m worried I’ll be tired all day.

Comment 2: It’s 9.37 and I really fancy another snack. I’ll get myself another Maggie O’Farrell book tomorrow if I’m 10st10 or less.

FlyLady: Shine your sink. I shined the downstairs loo sink. It hadn’t been done since B got bitten in several places by a mouse he was trying to rescue. Finally shifted the blood.


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