Brother Label Maker (Saturday)

McDonald’s Breakfast: Sausage and egg McMuffin with hash brown dipped in chilli sauce and white coffee.

CostCo: Sample mackerel and some sort of healthy chocolate bar by Naked.

Got back and was stressed about getting the label maker working. Ate 2 champagne chocolates, a Mister Choco Peanut Bar and lots of blueberries. Loved the label maker once it was working – it makes a file look much more important. Comment: should have made a cup of tea before starting out on scary new task.

Comment 2: Need to stop feeling so deprived about only drinking two days per week. The longer you leave it, the more of a high you get from alcohol.

Exercise: 5:2 run walk for 30 minutes on the common.


FlyLady suggestion: Imagine the house looking tidy. Yes – imagined all the books in order rather than horizontal and chaotic.


Saturday evening:

3 slices of Tirimasu cake. 1.5 Beef Frankfurters, roll, mustard and onions. Hershey bar. Crisps. Root beer. Ginger beer. Prawn noms. Lots of blueberries. After Eights. Pork scratchings.


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