First Drinking Night for a Week! (Wednesday, 10st10.45)

Exercise: None. Was up late last night with B watching Vikings. Was chuffed to spot that Jessalyn Gilsig (Earl Haraldson’s wife) was also the nutter in Nip/Tuck.

Breakfast: Porridge with honey and seeds.

Lunch: Ham sandwich.

Drinks: Tea. Coffee.

Alcohol: Lovely rum at J&C’s. Bottle of South African white (Mount Rozier Savignon Blanc – Laithwaites. Strongly recommend it.) More rum.

Fruit: Apple.

Snack: Lidl choco peanut bar. A few chilli rice crackers. Some champagne truffles.

Dinner: Boiled eggs and buttered toast. Entire part-baked baguette smothered in Nutella.

Comment 1: Weighing daily is depressing but definitely a way to put a break on the stuffing.

Comment 2: Took last pair of black trousers back as fell apart. Need to buy a new pair soon.

FlyLady:  Weekly home blessing (not done yet):

Polish Mirrors and Doors
Purge magazines
Change Sheets
Empty all trash


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