Lemon & Lime Posset (Tuesday, 10st7, 2pts)

Breakfast: Porridge with seeds and honey.

Lunch: Approx 4oz beef.

Fruit: Banana.

Dinner: Beef sandwich.

Snack: Lemon & Lime Posset from Waitrose. (Tasty but too small.)

Drinks: Teas. Coffees. Cordial with sparkling water.

Exercise: 600m swim.

Comment 1: Lemon Posset was a reward for getting something at work done. Need to have better work rewards as I felt full and slightly fatty and regretful afterwards.

Comment 2: Read other people’s fitness blogs.

FlyLady: “What can I do tonight that will make tomorrow morning easier?” Make my lunch for tomorrow. Problem is that I need to do my 20 minutes’ tidying and it’s getting late.




First Charity Donation for Scheme (10st8. 12pts)

Comment 1: Gave £12 towards the wife of a colleague doing a cancer run. My points scheme starts again at £0 tomorrow. Points for only eating only 4 meals per day and losing any weight.

Comment 2: Don’t eat and read. This habit is so hard to break! £1 extra point for a day where eating and reading doesn’t occur.

Breakfast: Porridge with seeds and honey.

Lunch: Beef salad.

Fruit: Banana.

Dinner: Beef sandwich.

Drinks: Teas. Coffee. Cordial and sparkling water.

Exercise: 600 metre swim.

FlyLady: ‘Pamper often; pamper frequently! You deserve it!’ I’ve booked a massage with Nicole. £15 for half an hour 🙂


Eating rice when stressed (Sunday, 10st 6 3/4)

Exercise: 1040 m swim.

Brunch: Rice plus remains from Art of Siam. (11:30ish)

Extras: Seconds of rice as putting off/stressed about test pack for holiday. Also feel like I’ve got a sore chest and cold.

12:30ish – ginger beer due to stress and feeling a bit hazy. Cleaned my glasses and felt a bit better.

Comment 1: Need to chill out and have a cup of tea when stressed. Much better than farking around with sugar-laden ginger beer.

Comment 2: Need to read about how to get less stressed – especially when the situation isn’t particularly stressful.

FlyLady: Lay out your clothes for tomorrow – not done this yet.

Dinner: Beef sandwich.

Drinks: Hot chocolate. Bottle of coke. Feel Good drink. J2O.

1 rum punch chocolate.

Lowest weight in ages! (Saturday, 10st 6 3/4)

Breakfast: Squidgy white bread doorstop fried egg and bacon sandwich at SnackBase next to Newbury Racecourse station.

Fruit: About half a mango. An Asian pear.

Snack: Tiny sample of choc cake in town.  Choc wafer (ersatz Tunnock’s).

Drinks: Tea. Ginger beer. Ribena.

Dinner: Beef salad.

Exercise: 1km in about 32 minutes. Pool very busy – annoying but it inspired me to swim faster.

Comment: Need to note the time I eat things, how I was feeling at the time and how hungry I was on a scale of 1 to 10.

Comment 2: Take vitamin D every day. Apparently it will make me feel more full.

FlyLady: Do it now! I’m going to copy my old to do list to my new one right now.

The Art of Siam (Friday)

Breakfast: Porridge with seeds and honey.

Lunch: Tuna mayo.

Fruit: Banana.

Dinner: Meal at The Art of Siam.



Chocolates and pineapple. Coffee squash?

Exercise: None.

Comment: Need to have porridge with salt sometimes.

Comment 2: Need to roast some beef or ham every Sunday ready for work lunches.

FlyLady: Make your bed first thing. Not done this today.


No Booze until Cambodia (Wednesday – 10st 9 1/4 – 6pts)

I’m not going to drink any booze until Cambodia.

I’m going to start drinking on the hour or at half past the hour. This will make it easier to keep track of when my next drink is due (one drink per hour).

FlyLady: Shine your kitchen sink. Not done this yet. Want this book.

Exercise: 600m swim.

Breakfast: Porridge with honey.

Lunch: Feta salad from Tesco.

Fruit: Banana.

Treats: 3 Lindt chocolates.

Drinks: Sparkling water and elderflower. Teas. Coffee?

Dinner: Chinese beef salad.


Tuesday (5 pts)

Breakfast: Porridge with seeds and honey.

Drink: Teas. Coffees. Lovely latte at The Crown.

Lunch: Saucisson sec.

Treats: 3 Lindt chocolates.

Fruit: Banana.

Dinner: Chinese salad with beef.

Alcohol: Shared a bottle of champagne with B. Some whisky.


Comment 1: I’m going to text LN next time I’m about to go over 1 alcoholic drink  – or 2 champagne glasses – per hour.

Comment 2: Need to wear my black watch when drinking alcohol to remind me just one drink per hour.

FlyLady: Go to bed at a decent hour. Will hopefully do this tonight.