Moll Flanders (Saturday)


Coffee at Coffee#1.

Lunch at The Falcon (see photos above).

Tea with a biscuit and M&S café.

Lovely soup with fromage frais.

Sausage, spuds and salad etc.

Eton mess.

Went for walk in the Frolic – river very beautiful (should take camera next time).

Most of a bottle of Mount Rozier (South African white). Triple brandy. Double gin and tonic. Large Jura whisky.

Comment 1: I need to get some nice gym kit and a two piece swimsuit for Cambodia.

Comment 2: If anything could get me cooking, it’s yoga girl’s raw nutella recipe.

FlyLady: Put out your clothes for the next day. I need to start doing this. I need to create an evening routine card.



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