Virgin Cocktail (Tuesday, 10st10)

Comment 1: I read on Soberistas that an AF cocktail should be in a nice glass. I put mine in the lush blade runner whisky glass that RF got B for his birthday. Other tip on Soberistas was elderflower + tonic water. I added slices of lemon to it.

Comment 2: Am very tempted to have a drink tonight. It would be a shame not to eat the chocolate muffin I bought as a reward for something though. I can’t eat both muffin and have a drink. If I don’t drink tonight, I’ll sort out some Mac factor face powder by next Thursday (17th).

Breakfast: Porridge with raspberry jam.

Lunch: Flageolet beans, black eyed beans, green pepper, liver sausage + dressing.

Drinks: Teas, instant coffees, elderflower + tonic. Sparkling water + elderflower.

Dinner: Mackerel and stir fry.

Treat: Sainsbury’s chocolate muffin. Was not worth its 400+ kcals.

FlyLady: Wrote down evening routine.



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