Loung Ung is amazing (Thursday)

I’ve been reading First They Killed My Father by Loung Ung. The suffering people went through under the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia should not happen again, but it is … e.g. the Central African Republic. We need to do more to help. I love this interview with the author.

Exercise: Just 6 lengths of the pool due to lack of time.

Breakfast/Lunch: Mixed beans tin from Tesco + mackerel + a pepper + dressing.

Snack: Half a Scotch Egg.

Drinks: Instant coffee. Tea.

Alcohol: Some lush Pinot Noir brought by JF. Some South African Sauvignon Blanc.

Fruit: Apple.

Dinner: Broccoli,  baby potatoes and 2 plaice in lemon juice – very lush.

Pudding: Yoghurt with honey with strawberries.

FlyLady: Don’t love it, use it, need it.. then FLING IT.

Comment 1: I drank tonight so I must not drink tomorrow night! If I’m good on Friday, I can have a midday drink on Saturday. If I don’t drink tomorrow, I’ll order Half of a Yellow Sun early next week. (Also need to get Mac powder as a reward for not drinking on Tuesday.)

Comment 2: It’s important not to drink tomorrow night, because I want to stay healthy and live to see every continent many times!



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